Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogtoberfest 27 - It's days like these

It is in fact days like these that I think I am crazy insane for attempting to maintain my Blogtoberfest efforts.

Have finished the fourth clue on my mystery sock, can't wait until Thursday arvo for the last clue. Haven't got photos yet as the lighting at my sisters is crap and we've just gotten home and I'm sooooo heading to bed for hopefully a full nights sleep.

At least it will be in my own bed and not alternating between a mattress on the floor and the spare bed of the study while the hot and cranky baby tosses and turns and vomits until 5.30am like last night. He is all better, obviously just needed to have a completely empty stomach. He woke this morning right as rain unlike me who felt like I was sleep walking and completely seedy through the morning and part of the afternoon and finally felt awake and mostly normal at about 4.30pm.

So I'll get photos of the sock progress hopefully tomorrow and Rav them but it won't be until evening as I'm working tomorrow. Hope you are all getting some of this sun we've been getting, it's fabulous!

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Lynne said...

Hope you slept well!