Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogtoberfest 14 - $5 worth of joy

So many things in life cost so much money.

So today I have a question: What gives you joy and costs $5 or less?

For me it is this:

One of the local Sunday markets had these for sale at $2 a bunch or 3 bunches for $5. I bought the three bunches and smiled every time I saw them.


So what does it for you?????


CurlyPops said...

For me, its definitely chocolate.
I'm not good with fresh flowers, I always leave them until they're rotten and the water goes all smelly and manky... and then I have to clean it all up!
Your flowers are very beautiful by the way - perfect colours

Lynne said...

Yes, that's definitely a bargain. The way you have photographed the flowers makes them look like a much more expensive arrangement!

Teresa said...

I love flowers too. They're a great gift to yourself and others. They say something without setting up an obligation on the part of the recipient. They share the joy.

Kate said...

I heart Gerberas!

willywagtail said...

Vintage sheets and tablecloths are maybe even better than a block of mint chocolate. You got a real bargain tyhere though. Cherrie