Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogtoberfest 11 - Craft Fest 2009

Headed off to catch up with Mum this morning at Craft Fest 2009 at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne. The surroundings were just beautiful and as Mum said, it was quite a different layout and feel compared with what she's used to at Jeff's Shed (ok so it's supposed to be called The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, but honestly no one here calls it that!), Tyler came along and fell asleep just before I got there so he was asleep for the first hour which was great!

So what did we see? Lots of paper and beading stuff which we both skipped over pretty quickly, neither of us are very interested in that type of stuff at the moment, maybe one day but not now. The Resin jewelery class Mum was interested in was completely booked out so she missed out on that one, I had a look at a class by Prudence Mapstone for Tunisian knitting that promised a light and airy fabric. Unfortunately not only was the class full but they had run out of their bamboo hooks that had a cord (like circs) with a bead on the end so that you could have large numbers of stitches on it. Useful for doing scarves sideways and other large items as well. But I did have a look at the fabric it made and have come home and had a play while finding bits and pieces for Jules who was fixing the garage roof. So tomorrow when it's a little longer I'll show you a comparison of my old method and my new oh so much better method for making light scarves!!

We did stop and look at all of the patchwork/quilting/accessories type displays. Mum was interested in the Drunkard's path template sets, but the size she wanted wasn't there, she did get a rotary cutter with a really small diameter for cutting around circles. I forgot to look in my fabric stash before meeting Mum so did my best not to look at the fabrics very hard, although there was one quilt pattern that caught my eye (scroll down to Dragons on the Move). Managed to get away without buying any fabric though, I think I need to work on destashing/using the stash before I add anything else!!

There was a super special stall there just for me I think......some people will understand what I mean LOL! I think my Mum could attest to the almost insane joy I experienced at spying Dairing and their wares. Lordy Lordy that was my kind of stall. Hemp, nettle, linen, cotton, silk, bamboo......heaven, heaven, heaven! Somebody, anybody, ever want to get me something from their shop, I'd be drooling, drooling I tells you! I believe I was talking with Teresa, she's lovely, so clever, gorgeous. I was able to touch the garments, stroke the skeins, purchase a few things.....I had never had the privilege of playing with Habu. In fact hadn't really heard of it until recently via various blogs and Ravelry of course. Now I own some.

Just one skein. It's linen, 8.9 ounces (approx. 250 g). At 194.8 metres/28g, that's 1774 metres (1940 yards) in one skein and it's laceweight. It is gorgeous.

I also fell in love with some of Dairing's 100% Cotton 5 ply. It is made up of 5 strands: 1 red, 1 burgundy and three black, so it is quite dark but knits up so beautifully and soft too.

My last purchase was a brand new Addi Circular needle from the Yarns Galore stall. After recently purchasing some KnitPro circulars and having used them I was curious to try the Addi's for comparison. If I want more I can order them online and an individual needle is posted free within Australia which is fantastic! So I'll try them out and see how it goes.

In other news, I finished the second clue for the Through the Loops Knit A Long last night. My Rav project page has the new photo, won't put it here just in case someone else is doing it, don't want to spoil it for them!

And as a last bit of joy for the night, this is how Tyler fell asleep this evening while I was listening to Hunter read and then sang both he and Zac some songs.


2paw said...

I think you showed such self restraint!! Love the yarn, very nice indeed, it is gorgeous. I now know about many things I didn't before because of The Ravelry!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!

Oooh, Habu... covet, covet, covet.

toffle said...

You are stronger than me! I have bought that dragons on the move pattern - some of the dragons are on my nappy bag!

Lynne said...

Aw, so cute!

Glad you had a good day. You showed great restraint - well done!

Rose Red said...

Habu is fabulous isn't it. I was so excited to see the Dairing stand at the Sydney craft fair earlier this year - it was so hard to choose!!