Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogtober 29 - yesterdays post today

That's right I managed to miss yesterdays post.

I plead parental obligations! Julien had to pick Hunter up from school at lunch time yesterday after he had a couple of episodes of vomiting. He, like Tyler on Monday, seemed to be ok once he was empty and last nights plain pasta and drinks have stayed where they belong so that is good. He slept on a mattress on the loungeroom floor because I wasn't going to try to sort out a sick kid on the top bunk even if isn't as high as a normal top bunk (only about 1.4m). He is having the day off school today though because of the exclusion rules for gastro. Tyler was up a lot in the evening as well wanting to be held, so I completely forgot really.

What you should have had was this:

Have finished the fourth clue on the TTL Mystery sock for Socktoberfest on Rav. It is looking very pretty and you can see the pictures on my Rav project page. The next and last clue will be available here at 3pm my time (Melbourne, Australia) tomorrow (Thursday, obviously now that is today!) which is normally right when I leave the house for school pickup.

Todays addition would be:

So by the end of the evening I should have a completed sock....barring sick children!!


2paw said...

Oh that's a gorgeous sock, and I do love the way the pattern continues down the heel. Hope everyone is over the horrid gastro soon.

Lynne said...

Sending get well wishes to everyone!