Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogtober 20 - Here Comes the Sun...

Well at least for one beautiful toasty warm 27 deg C (81 F) day!

Had SnB knitting this morning and worked on the second of my Best Friend socks. Tyler was quite crabby and actually fell asleep on the way home. Unfortunately he didn't stay that way as he has now caught the big boys cold and coughed himself awake. Hopefully he will have a good nights rest tonight and will feel better in the morning.

Zac and I started working on a little project today. I've been wanting to make some bags for the boys for them to carry their special things in when going out and we have a pair of Birthdays on the weekend for friends that reminded me of this desire so we got all of the fabric out today. We picked out some fabric to make into bags for the Birthday boys but then I couldn't decide how I was going to put it all together so I pulled out a different set of fabric and Zac thought that would work for him so we are making the prototype up for him and then we will be able to zip through the Birthday gift ones hopefully! Will show you pictures when it's done. The thrill of the day for Zac was being allowed to be the one to make the machine go. He got to press the foot pedal to make the machine sew. We had a couple of moments when he made it go when my hands were near the needle but after I explained why it was a problem he stopped mucking around and enjoyed seeing the progress we were making. So, since I'm at work tomorrow, we won't get back to it until Thursday but we should get it done during the morning before Kinder. So Thursday night or Friday I should have some pictures for you to see.

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Lynne said...

My Nanna was a professional seamstress and she told me, when teaching me to use the new machine she had bought me, that I wasn't a real seamstress till I had sewn through my finger (ewwww!) so he was just helping you to progress! LOL

I'm glad there was no serious incident.