Thursday, October 1, 2009

And so it begins...

A month of writing a post a day. Some days it is going to be a challenge, others too easy, so hopefully on balance we will get through it unscathed! Other participants around the blogs can be found here. I have a list of ideas that I can head to if I have nothing else to say, so this year I am more prepared than last. Also another helpful list has been started by Amy, "The Ideas Hub " has an ever expanding list, so check that out if you get stuck.

I have also just signed up for Socktoberfest (Rav) and will be making myself a mystery pair of socks during the course of the month so if you want to join in for that the info is here (Rav).

I also have WIP's that will hopefully become FO's, one of those for you tomorrow.

In the meantime here are pics of my three long term WIP's, their before and after mug shots if you please!

Front and sides

new do for Hunter
new do for Zac
The before front for Tyler
And after (the front takes foreeeeeever to grow so not such a big change there!)
And while making a high speed getaway, the former rear view:

and the new rear view.
They all look so much older. We will probably have to do a bit of a tidy up in a couple of days when it all settles down, the sizing bit on the clippers broke part way through so I need to get a new one for it as I think we missed a few wispy bits here and there!

So sit back and enjoy the ride, Blogtoberfest here we go!!!


Bells said...

great fun shots!

Lynne said...

Cute curls - you're brave to cut their hair yourself!

I used to do WM's - #1 all over - now he just does it himself and I check for missed bits!!

TinkingBell said...

Oh yes we had the great haircut day earlier this week - your are so grown up now!

Well done on Blogtoberfest

I may get 6 posts done in October (shrinks away in shame...)

Tiggy Johnson said...

OMG, Zac doesn't even look like Zac anymore!

Good luck with the blog post a day thing, makes me kind of glad I didn't know about it yesterday :)