Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend away

Heading out of the house in about an hour and won't be back until Sunday evening. Going down to Mum and Dads for Dad's birthday on Sunday and a belated Father's Day from last weekend.

Taking Zac and Tyler. Also taking Jules' sock and if I can find it the ball to cast on the other one. Also the little cardy. So depending on how much the kids need hands on supervision and how early they get to bed I could get some knitting done!

Have spent today doing LOADS of washing including all of the hand washing and just have to throw in the nappies before I leave so Jules can hang them out tonight or tomorrow morning. He and Hunter have a birthday party to attend tomorrow before joining us at mums.

Oh and I got a parcel in the post yesterday, haven't got pic's yet, a couple of skeins of yarn and a little project bag from Lynne whose "wotisit" challenge I won recently, so that was a lovely surprise in the post when I got home from Kinder yesterday.

Have a good one!

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Lynne said...

Hope it goes well!

PS Any "ack" on the way yet?