Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shop update and progress with sock knitting

Have added a couple of new Cardigans to the shop this evening. Still have more items to add, a couple of things for mums and some more baby cardigans as well as a blanket. Getting to it all slowly but it is happening. Very happy with it.

Jules's first sock is almost done, up to the toe decreases, will be interested to see just how much yarn I have used on it. Pretty sure I'm going to need the second skein that I bought for the second sock. Don't like having joins so I'll use the leftovers for something else, there's always hats :-)

The little Ixchel BFL/angora cardy is coming along, the colours are pretty luminous, will get a photo in daylight. Oh and there's been an interesting colour effect at the edges of the knitting which because it is all in one piece, the edges are the two centre fronts. So I'll get a closeup of that. The sleeves are ready to join in and there's just a couple of rows to go before they are added in for the yoke portion to be knit all in one piece. Then it will just fly off the needles!

As long as there's a bit of light tomorrow, I'll try to ge tsome photos. It has been so grey recently especially at school pick up time where it has literally rained for the last week 15 minutes on either side of pick up time, not so convenient at all.

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