Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 down one to go

These beauties greeted me at my front doorway for a good 3-4 weeks, but the recent rains have ended their beauty, I'm trying to get a handle as to what I want to do with that space so it doesn't look very spectacular at the moment. In the long term it will become part of the house structure when and if we ever extend so I'm hesitant to put something in that won't take to relocating, so it's a space in flux at the moment and so the flowers are that much more appreciated.

This pile of goodies arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago (I think). I mentioned them at the time but hadn't gotten around to displaying them yet. They are prizewinnings and part of a Pay it Forward from Lynne.
After spying my comment on Donyale's blog about her Zauberball and the beauty of it, Lynne wandered down to her local yarn store and snaffled me a ball for my prize, that's it on the right, just love the way they wind the ball! The green is one of Lynne's handspun and hand dyed's and the colour is just wonderful, and the little baggie is going to get good use as a project bag just as soon as I decide what is next!

At the beginning of the year I made a list of 109 things I wanted to do this year. Some were big, like opening the shop, some were small, like weeding the garden on the odd occasion! In the middle though were a few things that have been challenging in their own ways. Reading a book a month was going ok and then I ran out of the Twilight series!
In terms of creative items, I proposed to make a pair of socks for each of my three boys and their dad and late last night I finished the third pair! Thus far Zac, Hunter and now Julien have received their socks. I am especially pleased with Jules' extra long extra skinny ones because despite having to restart them because they were way too loose, they ended up being made out of just one skein with a little in leftovers!

Detail, details: Needlefood Sweet Chilli Sock yarn, 60 stitch cast on, 2x2 rib for cuffs, leg length and foot length, Eye of Partridge Heel on 2.5 mm Knit Pro circs.

The last few days have seen the beginning of the school holidays and Zac has had his first ever round of asthma which he is still on medication for. We knew he was having a bit of a wheeze but he wasn't bothered by it so when I couldn't get a doctors appointment for Friday I just waited until Saturday. On Saturday when we saw the Doctor he said he was borderline hospitalizable. That was a bit of a shock. He has responded to his meds and we are going back to the Doctor today to check that everything is going as it should. Also carting Tyler off to the Doctor's today because he had me up most of the night making sure he didn't have another coughing fit like the one that woke us at 2am where he couldn't stop coughing and so couldn't catch his breath. A call to Nurse on Call in the middle of the night assured us that this wasn't asthma as well and waiting until morning to get a Doctor's appointment was fine. There was a serious discussion about heading off to the Hospital in the middle of the night which ended up not being necessary thankfully. So we are heading off to the doctor's in about an hour to work out whether their various respiratory ailments are under control or whether we have another hard night ahead of us.

In the meantime I am using a very small corner of my mind to try to work out what to make next, or maybe what to finish next....


Lynne said...

Nice skinny socks!

Hope both boys are feeling heaps better!

Hols coming soon so may have time to play with some dyeing! Yay!!

geoff_tewierik said...

Hey Bones,

I suggest the Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy http://www.brentweeks.com/

While it's not tweenie emo vamp loving, it's pretty cool from what I've managed to read so far.

Anonymous said...

SLEEP, lovey. After the last few days, I would recommend you make yourself a nice big sleep before you start anything else.

Those Zauberballs are v.v. cool, aren't they?

And Jules' socks turned out really well. Bet you're glad they're done - long skinny socks just keep going, don't they?