Monday, August 31, 2009


We have been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks, what with having a sick kid and organising a birthday party.

Took time out for a photo shoot, me and the boys!

Found the stash. Jules was heard to utter a non-repeatable utterance on entering the room, it's not every day you can't get to the bed for the yarn! Left hand side is stash, right hand side is stash and incomplete projects including the yarn required for them. Contents of the box at the left front is heading to Lynne so that makes it less nasty, but only marginally so. There was a mumble about not buying any more yarn any time soon, not by me though! Although there really is enough there to keep me occupied for quite a while, LOL! Remembering of course that for most of the things I knit 2-3 balls is all I require, so there's a fair amount of potential "items" in that pile!!

Jules' socks are coming along slowly, haven't measured but think I'm close to the heel so have to find my book and check the measurements and then separate for the heel.

The little cardy using the ixchel BFL/angora was further along than this both sleeves were done, but close inspection of the cuff revealed not only had I knit 4 stitches in a row instead of 1x1 ribbing, I had somehow managed to drop a stitch. Sure I could have drawn the stitch up and dropped others to fix the two knits that should have been purls but it seemed easier just to frog it.

Hunter's socks have been finished for more than a week now, he's very happy and has, like his brother, been reluctant to take them off. So a winner there as well.

and on Saturday I turned that up there into that down there!

So there you go all updated!


kgirl said...

two things:

1. that cake and that stash are mighty impressive!

2. the heels on those rainbow socks kill me everytime you post them - super cute!

well done on surviving the sickness, too

Tiggy Johnson said...

Love how you go from Jules' comments re stash to making him a pair of socks. Hope it's enough sweetener :)
Meanwhile, when is that next craft show? Hmmm, wanna go?

Lynne said...

Glad Hunter liked his socks - happy belated birthday!

Making plans for longer repeats for my next attempt - what do you think?

TinkingBell said...

FABULOUS castle! I am impressed by other peoples cakes because mine are so crappy!

Glad everyone is well and hope you are getting some more sleep - I really feel sometimes that if there was a dealer selling soft restful sleep in 8 hour lots I would be a serious junkie and would owe them most of my home. Hugs!

Sarah said...

I love the heels on the socks too!

The stash shot is v impressive - mind you I think you've acquired it over quite a while - mine is like that in less than three years! Oh so many lovely yarns so little time...

Kate said...

Woohoo!!! CAKE!! SOCKS!!! STASH!!!!
love it.
ps safety word: euspopie.