Sunday, August 23, 2009

The search for Ack

Today, while the sun is shining bright, I am inside searching the stash for Ack (i.e. acrylic).

I have no problem with this, not at all. I don't have a lot, having never been a real fan.

The thing is, I keep finding more boxes and bags of yarn. Some of this stuff has not seen the light of day since I first earned an income and that's almost 20 years ago......oh and I just found a box that has stuff in it that I was given to me by both my Nan and my sister in law.

There's way more than I thought, shhhh don't tell Jules!

I may just have to go on a buying freeze, except I heard yesterday that Spotties has a, no, be strong, knit from stash until it is just a little smaller.......


Lynne said...

Amongst that great haul of yarn, I assume there was just a little "ack"!!

Ignore the question in my email - I should have read your blog first!LOL

I've had mum2B here all weekend so I've been a bit distracted!!

TinkingBell said...

I have some dead muppat and ack on my stash - I bought it for 50cents a ball to make to toys - it will happen............(but it may not happen overnight!)