Friday, August 14, 2009


I have many things to be happy about.

*The behind the scenes setting everything up part of the shop is done. It has taken just over 2 years since I decided to do it, I was 6 months pregnant with Tyler at the time and did seriously wonder what I was setting myself up for. But I found the time and the energy to create the website and set up the shop whilst knitting stuff for both "the shop" and all of the other events that needed knitting for, as well as kid wrangling the boys. So now, with this huge project complete, I can just get back to doing more knitting....

*My boys are (as a general rule) happy. What mum wouldn't be happy about that?

*I have freshly manicured nails. A dark sparkly red polish with a just a hint of pink. I'm typing differently because my nails feel different and they look different on the keyboard (yes I look at the keys while typing, and yes I am getting distracted by the nail polish!) I should do my own nails but never seem to find the time, and it's oh so much better when someone else does them for you, LOL.

*I had a haircut as well today, looks pretty good right now, will see if it looks any good after swimming tomorrow morning.

*I just have to kitchener a sock toe and then Zac's first sock is done. Will do that tonight before toddling off to bed and get photos of it on the appropriate sized foot tomorrow. For lovers of rainbow, the heel has turned out beautifully, you'll see what I mean in the photos. Then I'll start in on the next one. Master Zac is immensely proud of his sock, he has been asked to do a couple of fittings and he has been grinning his head off the whole time and can't wait for them to be done, this definitely makes me happy.

*Mr Skinny feet (aka Jules) is going to have to wait for his socks as I am using the circular needle to knit Zacs socks. I have frogged round one of his socks anyway as they were too loose and when I get to them again they will be cast on on less stitches and will be 2x2 rib the whole way. The general consensus was that this would remove the need for extensive shaping to ensure unfloppy (is that even a word?) ankles. So they are in waiting for now, not sure if they'll be next or whether Hunter will shout down the house for a pair of socks as soon as Zac's second one is off the needles. Either way it won't be long as kids socks are small.

* and I'm happy because my kids understand that not everything comes from shops and mum is able to make stuff just for them and does.


Anonymous said...

These are all very good reasons to be happy!

I gave up on manicures years ago. I'm too twitchy - can't stay still long enough for the polish to dry. So long as my nails don't snag on my knitting, don't get bread dough gooed up underneath them, and don't get in the way on the 'puter keyboard, I'm happy. :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the opening of your shop! Your happy list is great. It's so nice to be able to take the time and list the things than make you happy, isn't it?

Lynne said...

It warms my heart to read how happy Zac is! Thank you - all my effort is being greatly appreciated!