Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Golden Hours

No to be confused with the "golden years", I'm talking about those hours of sleep that are absolutely essential for the normal (or what passes for normal) functioning of the adults in the house.

After three pregnancies, three rounds of childbirth and three rounds of breastfeeding we have definitely isolated those key hours required to maintain a semblance of sanity. In this house it is midnight-3am for me and 3-6am for him.

Now this is normally not a problem to achieve, a kid wakes up, someone rolls over and looks at the clock and if it isn't their turn (ie it's in the middle of their key sleep hours) they wake the other up and all is, if not good, then at least acceptable. Except for when the kid in question is sick.

All rules whether spoken or not go completely out the window when the kids are sick. As a general replacement rule, kids=sick means mum=up. And so it has been for the last 3 nights.

Tyler has a cold which when the medication wears off means he coughs until he chokes, gags and almost vomits, then he screams because his throat is sore. Don't blame him, from this side of it it's a pretty shocking cold and I am so hoping that since his brothers have not shown any symptoms thus far, we are safe from them getting this particular version of this particular virus. We've had him to the doctor, no infection, just keep him warm, happy, fed, hydrated and medicated until it moves on. Excellent. Except he won't often go to dad. Not if he knows I'm around somewhere. So I have had a seemingly permanently attached almost 2 year old by my side or in my arms constantly for the last 3 .5 days and nights. Oh except for the 9 hours I was away at work yesterday while Jules was home from work with him (thanks Jules).

First night Tyler was in our bed for at least half of it, crying every I don't know how long, needing comforting, drinks, etc. Second night he came into our bed at midnight, Jules moved into the study for the rest of the night. Last night I spent midnight till 3.30 am with him mostly in my lap on the couch because every time he lay down he coughed fit to vomit (and yes his mattress is jacked up on an insane angle so the yuck doesn't pool in his head), Jules got up to him when he next cried at around 4am, I was too zonked in sleep to have any idea of how long he was up to him.

So three nights of broken, patchy at best completely crap sleep and I have turned into a bit of a wretch/wench/nightmare take your pick. The kids have been warned mum is tired and grumpy, that's all I can do, that and carefully edit in my brain before I open my mouth and launch a completely insane, over the top, irrational argument at a 4 year old who honestly just doesn't care that mum is tired, he's hungry.

So all I'm saying is please Tyler, please please please for all of our sakes can you please sleep between midnight and 3am tonight honey?? It will make all the difference, honest.


kgirl said...

oh dear, you poor things! that sounds like a unique brand of torture

I'm crossing fingers that your little one is well enough to sleep for you tonight, and blessedly you get some sleep too :)

Kate said...

hope all is on the improve.
Happy Birthday Party!