Thursday, August 6, 2009

Almost there

With the shop that is.

Received a most important delivery during the week, my business cards as well as various other bits and pieces. I'm thrilled with the results, completely thrilled.

This means of course I'm running out of things to do before officially opening and this is a good thing.

I'll be going through the list tonight.

So far I think it will be
1/ activate shop link on my website
2/ convert the stock pictures to all of the sizes they need to be
3/ input stock to shop
4/ open shop
5/ provide a link from the blog to the website/shop

Sounds simple enough but there will be something that will catch me out, there often is. If not then Woohoo, I'm almost open.

I constantly debate as to whether I announce an opening date prior to being ready and then something comes up that makes the date in my head completely unfeasible, so I'm going to go with giving you 24 hours notice. Short and sweet! And no that is not 24 hours from now!!!

1 comment:

Georgie Love said...

Good luck! :-) It's like giving birth again to another baby.