Sunday, August 16, 2009

Advice please....

I want to knit a pair of socks for someone special so tell me dear friends what shall I knit them from?

I want something relatively sturdy but soft and I want them to last, so any advice would be most welcome.

I normally knit cardy's hats and jumpers and know what I'm looking for there, but as I'm still new to socks, I have lots to learn, so fire away!!


kgirl said...

I'd suggest any sock yarn that is 100% wool, for the softness. Patonyle is a good everyday sock yarn, and you can buy it in natural, if you feel inclined to dye?

Or else there's plenty, and i mean, PLENTY, of indie dyers on the net!

Rose Red said...

Is the person going to be ok with handwashing the socks? If yes, then you've got a world to choose from!!

If not, then Patonyle is a great choice - the plain colours are great for fancy patterns! Opal and Regia are a bit rougher to knit with but soften up nicely on washing (and can be washed in the machine) - and wear extremely well! And self-patterning or self-striping yarns always impress the non-knitter (if this person is a non-knitter!)

Anonymous said...

Patonyle. It's soft, squishy and wears like iron. The colour range isn't exactly a thrill-ride, but dyeing is dead easy and really fun.

Alternatively, I'm sure Donni or Mandie would be happy to hook you up.

Purely out of curiosity, HOW did you manage to get out of Bendigo without picking up any sock yarn?