Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FO blue tones scarf

Have finally gotten around to hooking the tassels through the end of the blue tones scarf this morning at SnB.

My littlest cutie is asleep at the moment so the middle sized one gets to be the demo model today.

Vital stats: 2 balls (50g, 125m) of Morris and Sons Quartet 8ply (70% wool, 30% Soybean silk fibre) on 4mm bamboo's. Colour is Wharf. Came out with slightly tighter tension than the recommended (19 sts instead of 22) but it hasnt been washed or pressed yet so that may change. Total length: 190cm. So far some halo effect is present from the fibres, but no balling/pilling.

Pattern: cast on 30 stitches, stocking stitch until you run out of yarn, join the next ball keep going to nearly the end, cast off. Use the remaining yarn to make tassels. Very high tech we are around here!!

3 sleeps to Bendi...for those who might be counting!

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