Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back from Bendi!

I arrived back from Bendigo at midnight last night after a simply wonderful 2 days with various friends at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show, the Ravelry (Revelry) dinner, the Ravelry breakfast and dinner with the Hustler street Posse at their "pad" on Saturday night. There was lots of food, piles of fleece (none of which came home with me Teresa!) and oh so much yarny goodness.

It has been the most wonderful 2 days travelling to the show with two of my SnB friends and wandering around with them on Friday gathering up various bits and pieces of colour (see photo!) and some gorgeous white wool/Thai silk all soft and smooshy!

Attended the Ravelry dinner at The Shamrock Hotel on Friday night and met up various lovely ladies including the Hustler street Posse for the very first time in person. It's so wonderful to be able to put real life faces and conversations to people you have only previously known through their blogs and other internet contact. I think I may finally be able to separate the two Kate's in my head!!

Back to the show on the Saturday for more colourful goodness and then across to check out the Bendigo Woollen Mill. This was my first visit, and for me it was a chance to get to feel the yarns they have available, having no particular project in mind I left all their wool there but claimed a shade card so that when something comes up I know both what I might be able to get and the colours I can get them in. A valuable resource for the future.

Joined the Hustler street Posse for dinner and knitting Saturday night, eventually packing up my belongings and heading home arriving just before midnight. Unpacked the car, made a cup of tea, showed off my purchases and fell into bed.

Thanks for such a lovely time ladies. The memories will last a lifetime. Don't know how long the yarn will last!

So all up there are nine new yarns to add to the stash:

Across the back from the left is
white Shiloh Wool Silk Dream (wool/Thai silk)
then their 100% Merino wool also in white
the red is Tailored Strands Baby Alpaca.

In the front is Wool Dancer DK Organic Merino Wool in Rainbow
Moseley Park Wool/Bamboo/Nylon in Spring Fields
Moggy & Me/Yarncakes Sir Walter colourway in the Baby Alpaca
Colinette Jitterbug in the Sweet Dreams colourway
Ixchel Angora Bunny plyed with cashmere in Summer Rainbow
Ixchel BFL/Angora in the Carribean colourway.
The only one that isn't a 4 ply is the Wooldancer, it's an 8ply.

Looking at all that you might ask if I found all of the rainbow coloured yarn there was, but no, I missed one. The Ewe Give Me the Knits rainbow yarn sold out so quickly both days I never got a look in, I may just have to order some at a later date!

So all-in-all a wonderful couple of days and I will be looking forward to another trip next year!


TinkingBell said...

It was so good to meet you - and I had such a great time - Have already booked Husbeast to mind the kids sometime in July 2010! How restrained you were! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I had a gorgeous time meeting you, honey. See you next year!

Bells said...

i do so wish I'd gone!

kgirl said...

Great to see you again, and thanks for enabling me with the Shiloh!!!!!!

Lynne S of Oz said...

You have fantastic taste in yarn colours :-) I love rainbow stuff. I should dye some more.
Sounds like the whole shebang was great fun this year.