Sunday, June 14, 2009

WWKIP day and a birthday

It was World Wide Knit in Public day yesterday so I headed off to Feddish at Federation square with my visiting SIL and we knit and crocheted away the afternoon! There were heaps of bods there, would have to check with Toni just how many but at peak time there would have been close to 40 I think, it was a fabulous turnout!

Worked my way through most of the second ball of blue soy silk/wool, so now I have a nice long scarf hanging around while I'm knitting the last of it! My SIL was working on granny squares for a baby blanket for "some day", nice long term project. The location was pretty good too, central and well lit enough for most, especially if sitting by the windows. There were lucky door prizes, but we were not the lucky ones this time. A set of Knit Pro needles, a yarn voucher and a book voucher, all very lovely prizes.

Have also finished the hat for my god daughter, except it looks a little small.

Tried it on Tyler and while the length is ok, the width isn't, might hold this one back and make her another on bigger needles so it's a little looser. Have another ball or two of this (Eki Riva 4ply) so it would be easy enough to make it bigger. Would like to have it last more than one season!

Today was my Mum's 60th, we had lunch at the Observatory Cafe at the Botanical Gardens. The weather was brilliant, a whole 14.9C and no wind and NO rain!! So cool for a birthday in the middle of Winter. We all ate up, had Birthday cake and then wandered through the Children's gardens and down to the lake. Lovely day, Happy Birthday Mum!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Yarn and birthdays - yum!

Kate said...

Fab weekend - yay you! Glad you had fun - and happy birthday to your mum :>

TinkingBell said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend - and what a wonderful haul - I am the same at the moment - I have been reading but not always commenting - partly the blahs, but also coming back to 400 posts is always daunting! I will catch up - I love getting comments too - but to receive, you must also give, I think! Good luck with all the shop stuff - looking forward to seeing what you do!

kgirl said...

glad to hear the turnout for WWKIP 2009 Melbourne was good - from all accounts it looked like a lovely way to spend a Winter's day in Melbourne!