Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hmm, well yes I have been a bit vague and forgetful in the last couple of weeks. I have been getting my head around the setting up of the shop which is now almost done (and for those who were curious, yes it was easier and quicker second time around thank goodness).

For some reason keeping track of and working out where all the files were that needed changing has meant that although I am in front of my computer at least as much as usual, I have completely forgotten to blog. It's been 14 days since my last (confession) session and all sorts of stuff has been happening.

We've had good news from a couple of sources so that has been wonderful.

The kids have all been working on colds, and apparently now I am as well, yay me!

Tyler spent 5 out of 7 nights convinced that midnight to 1.30am was playtime and that if he was left to his own devices in his cot that all the house should be awake and so he yelled the house down. Oh so not a good week for sleeping!

I've made another little birdy and he has flown away to a new home.

And the Piece de resistance? Made my way to the Morris and Sons new store in Melbourne this afternoon (the first of 8 Wednesdays that I don't have to work on because of mid year break and the kids are either at childcare or school-free time for meeeeeeee!) and of course I found something that I liked, LOL!! Came home with a couple of the new M&S yarns, one a bamboo wool mix and another a cotton cashmere mix. Also found some navy EkiRiva 4 ply alpaca. Some Woolganic Organic Wool, and some soysilk/wool as well. I should get the camera out but honestly I need a hot cup of tea first. Maybe I should put the kettle on and find the yarn and camera while it boils. Hang on I'll be back!

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