Monday, June 29, 2009

Take* out for dinner tonight!

It's take out for dinner tonight. We have had a very busy weekend and today has been a slow, getting the hang of being alone in the house again kind of day. Zac and Tyler are both working on colds and Hunter has been playing with his cousin non-stop for the last three days and has come to a bit of a standstill! So Pizza and pasta courtesy of someone elses kitchen it is!

Crafting has been happening in fits and starts. Saturday I went to a stitching day run by Mrs Martins Quilt shop in Monbulk, with a friend while the kids were all farmed out. It's not something I have particularly done before so it was interesting to try it out. So the complete design will be this:

Where am I up to?

Will I continue? I think I will. It will be something for a change of pace. Like crocheting it is something that has to be watched so it can't happen when the kids need watching, that is what knitting is for! I have used Avalon soluble to trace the design. The stitching just goes through it and when you are done you can either sponge it off or dissolve it off in the wash. Remembering to use a non-watersoluble marker is key to ensuring the colour doesn't run when the soluble stuff is dissolved off!

Bought a couple of patterns from the Sale pile, an Alphabet quilt

and an Angels watching over quilt.

A couple of other things that have been finished recently are this little chicken:

and this pair of little socks for an impending arrival

*edited to fix the title, sorry if you get this twice!


dr k said...

i think that kind of stitching is just beautiful but requires more patience than i am capable of! i look forward to seeing your finished product.

Anna said...

It's such a pretty design - I look forward to seeing how you get on. And the baby socks are too cute!

Teresa said...

Love the socks, they're gorgeous. What about upsizing them for mum to be?