Friday, June 19, 2009

A sock question

I have just finished making a small pair of socks, testing out a short row heel (why waste the yarn on an adult pair if I don't like it!) and I have found the turns to be a little holey.

I'm sure I saw something somewhere that was a cure for this problem, but can't find it an

Does an
yone out there do short row heels?
you get gaps at the turns?
How do
you not get gaps?

y advice would be most welcome as I prefer the look of these heels and want to get them right (yes the perfectionist in me has reared it's ugly head!).


Lynne said...

There are three ways to do it - so I'll give you the simplest way first!! LOL

Knit the number of stitches required. Turn your work. Assuming you are now going to do a purl row, keep the yarn at the back and purl the first stitch. You will now have what looks like a pair of stitches on your needle. This is commonly referred to as yarn over [yo]

Purl the required number of stitches, turn your work. You will be knitting the next row, so keep the yarn in front, knit the first stitch [i.e. yo; I find this a little easier than the purl]. Voila, a pair of stitches.

Continue in this manner until required number of rows have been done.

Now knit across to the first "pair" on your needle. Knit the first loop of the pair as usual. Slip Slip Knit [ssk] the second loop of the pair with the first loop of the next pair. Turn your work.

Continue in this manner until you are back to your original number of stitches.

TinkingBell said...

Go with Lynne - there are also helpful tips on Rav!

Anna said...

There's also a good tutorial, with photos, here:

Hope that helps!

Lynne S of Oz said...

Hmm, I think I just live with the holes! I've found if I place the wraps behind the stitch when I go to pick them up (needs some manoeuvering cos the purl stitch i think wants to sit behind the wrap) there is a smaller hole.

dr k said...

i am embarking on some toe ups myself and have been advised to avoid the short row heel and do a flap heel. we will see. im glad you asked tho, now i have some info as well!