Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One cup of tea, a couple of bits of chocolate and a few photos later and we have a picture heavy post! A couple of these don't have fantastic colour, when I use them I will make sure the accurate colour gets shown if I can get it to behave itself that is!

So the haul:Not a bad effort really. Enough for about 5 cardy's and 3 scarves I think.

Lets meet them all individually shall we?
Navy Eki Riva Supreme 4 py alpaca
Morris and Sons Empire in a beautiful pink/purple/blue multi. This is a 100% Australian Superwash Merino 8ply, 50g, 125m, the fabric in their sample swatch was a tad dense, so it wasn't as soft as I would have expected given what the ball feels like. I will be very curious to see how this knits up in my hands.
Morris and Sons Paddington Kingfisher blue with a white fleck. I need daylight to look at this one properly to describe it for you. It's an 80% bamboo, 20% wool mix and a 6ply 50g ball with 125m on it. Haven't knit 6 ply before don't usually see it in the shops here.
Morris and Sons Sunday, a 90% cotton, 10% Cashmere mix, feels a lot softer to the hand compared to a lot of other pure cottons on the market. Has a hint of halo, so not quite as smooth as pure cotton. The colour of this yarn is amazing. This photo does not do it justice, will try again in daylight and see if I can't get a more true representation of the colour.

Woolganic Knitters yarn, spun from 100% certified organic Australian Merino Fleece Wool. This one is an 8ply that yields 104 m for a 50g ball. Curiuos to try this one, I figure someone will be interested in the fact that it is organic!!

Morris and Sons Quartet 8ply in the Burnish colourway. This one is a 70% wool, 30% Soybean silk fibre. Another one that comes in as 125m for 50g. Very soft and light as you would expect from a soysilk product.
Morris and Sons Quartet in the Quill colourway
and again in the Wharf colourway. Notice anything about this last photo?? There's a ball missing, it's in use already!!
Looks like it will knit up into a lovely colour changing scarf. Just a simple stocking stitch, nothing fancy, the yarn feels so nice I wanted to display it not disguise it!

Last photo.
I finished the "finishing" on the orange cardy made from the Pear Tree merino. It looks delicious and the yarn has been quite surprising. This cardy is the 3 month old size and has knit to tension and the size of the expected garment. The thing that is so surprising though is that it has only used up 60g of yarn! Here was I worried I might not have enough and I could almost knit another one with the leftovers! (The pattern requires 4x Merino Bambino 25g balls or two cleckheaton Cocoon 50g balls). Talk about value for money! It just needs the button on the inside to hold the crossed over front across and it is done.
Wow that's a bit bright. Might try getting that one again in daylight as well. The yarn is actually quite bright but that photo looks more like it is glowing, LOL!!

So there you go, a mighty haul and new WIP and an almost FO!


Taphophile said...

Wow that's quite a haul - gorgeous yarns. Will be very interested in how they all knit up.

dr k said...

hehe, i see youve been exploring your new LYS! good choices all round. love the cardi too. orange is such a great colour for kids.

Anonymous said...

Veddy interestink! I'll be eager to hear how the new M&S yarns knit up - they look gorgeous!

The orange cardi is the cuteness. Don't you love it when a pattern turns out so well AND you have yarn left over?!

Hope you feel better soon.

Anna said...

Wow - nice haul you got yourself there! I love how the blue scarf is looking already!

Lynne S of Oz said...

Nice haul from Morris and Sons! I am jealous (and yes I have all this American yarn to choose from, LOL).