Friday, June 12, 2009

On Comments

Firstly I'd like to say thank you to those of you who stop by and especially for those of you who leave comments.

I've realised in the last week or two that I have been reading your comments and truly appreciating what you say and the time it takes from your lives to say it, but that I haven't been replying.

I'm not sure when it started happening, it's one of those things that has just crept up on me. So I'm just here to say sorry for not getting back to you. I have read your comments and they are all lovely and inspiring me to continue the knitting and the blogging and stuff and so yes, thanks. I'll try to do better, but I obviously can't make promises as with most things that are fitted in around kids and life, I'll try!

The shop is coming along, most of the back end stuff is done, need some decent light to take photos of the stock and we'll be about there. Every time I think I'm done, I click a link that a visitor might click and find it has some bland "add your own text here" type statement, so until I'm relatively sure I've found them all I won't be linking you all in. But it should be soon. I actually registered my business name a couple of days ago so at the most I have 2 months and then it has to be active. Hopefully it won't take so long.

Have been making a green alpaca hat in a 3x3 rib for my god daughter's birthday up to the shaping now, so it's almost done. Have finished one ball of the blue scarf and on to the second as well.

It's all happening over here. I've been blowing noses for one kid a million times a day (have just been dubbed "snot girl"-thanks Zac I assume that's because I'm needed for help with nose blowing!) and trying to keep the school kid from getting the little kid germs so he can last two more weeks until school holidays. Found out 2 days ago that Jules is heading off to Israel for work in about a weeks time for anywhere up to 2 weeks. My brother and his wife are down for the weekend from Brisbane tomorrow so I'll be picking them up from the airport in the morning and my SIL is joining me at Melbourne's WWKIP day at Feddish in Federation Square tomorrow. Then there's Mum's 60th Birthday celebrations at the Botanical gardens on Sunday. Our life looks pretty madcap for the next couple of weeks. I'll be stopping by with updates of where it's all at at some point, goodness only knows when! See you on the other side :-)


Anna said...

It's nice of you to say that, and even nicer of you to try to answer all comments but, for me at least, it really isn't necessary. I tend to think that you (the blogger) have put your time, effort and thought into whatever you've posted about, and if I want to leave a comment, then that is my side of the equation. It is lovely to get the occasional email in response, but I really don't expect it.

Lynne said...

No need to email me after comments either [unless I ask a specific question]. Just drop by my blog ocasionally and leave a comment!! LOL

Kate said...

I know how you feel! it can be tough to find time to reply to people properly without feeling like your words are just cut&paste - I find the hardest thing to do is go back and comment on the comments! But it does help to show that you are replying, because no-one else arriving at your blog can tell unless your name is in the list too..
hmm, not making much sense. maybe I should stop now, and have some more tea.

Bells said...

I agree that replying to comments isn't necessary. I think it's one of those things that some people feel they ought to do but few expect it. If I ask a specific question, I hope the writer will reply but if they don't, it's ok. We're all busy and there are a lot of bloggers and readers out there!

I try to reply to comments where something has been said that warrants specific reply but otherwise, it's not something I can keep on top of with everything else!