Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The good news and the not so good news!

The good news is I have been actually working on setting up the shop. The bad news is I broke it on Monday night and actually have to start all over again with a fresh copy of the program.....ooops! So this time when it says "save file before making any changes" I think I might just have to do it. Crap, crap, double crap. Hopefully it will be quicker second time round because honestly the speed with which I got this far last time was way too slow so this time better be quicker or I'm going to be annoyed.

On to better news. I have been knitting and I have been crocheting and I have been doing the washing, oh and I have a new obsession. More on that later.

The knitting: The orange cardy now has a completed back, two fronts, one sleeve and the second sleeve has begun. I spose you want pictures huh? I know it sort of looks like a pile of knitting, but the thing that is freaking me out just a little bit is the size of the ball remaining. Remember here that I started with a 100g ball of 4 ply and granted I am only knitting a 3 month old size, but seriously once I have finished this second sleeve I'm going to have HEAPS left. Here was I not cutting the yarn between the pieces (hence the mess up there) just in case there wasn't enough and I had to frog the lot and it's soooooo not going to be a problem! Might use the rest for a matching hat or a stripy something later maybe.

The crocheting: Cute bird (named by Hunter) came to stay last week.

He has made himself at home on Hunter's bed and is already an important part of the bedtime routine. Not having him there at bedtime is like asking someone to chop their arm off some nights!!
I think someone likes his new toy don't you?

Quirky thing though, I used the same pattern for both birds and look at the difference.
Weird huh? Nice that the small one belongs to the smaller kid and the big one to the bigger kid!

Oh and the new obsession, it's somewhat embarrassing but I don't care. I went to SnB this week with my copy of the current Better Homes and Gardens (cut out the sniggering down the back there!) and explained that there was this rug in there that I thought I liked the look of (In my head I am seeing it as baby blankets rather than a floor rug). The sceptical looks soon turned to ones of interest when the relevant page was found.
I have a whole selection of colours of Biggan Design wool. Some left over from other projects and some new balls as well. Figured I'd get started on one after I had picked Zac up from kinder. 90 minutes later...
Zac was completely fascinated by the whole process, "do one in yellow mum" and " do one in orange", etc!
I do have some green, some purple, some blue, some pink, some red....I wonder how many flowers I will need...........


beccasauras said...

I'm so jealous, I got that magazine (so I wasn't sniggering) and LOVE that floor rug- I would waste it to put feet on, a wall hanging would be great too! But can't crochet, so will look on in envy. Sigh.

Taphophile said...

Would definitely make a cute cot rug. Hope the rebuild goes smoothly and quickly!

Gidgetknits said...

I just found you blog - and then I found Needle Food through you! Thank you! And I do love orange.

Lynne said...

Bummer about the shop.

The birds are soooo cute!

The rug will be lovely and bright.

Michelle said...

What a bugger with the shop!

But still, the crochet motifs are beautiful and bright, and that would have to make you happy!

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting the shop finished! That rug looks absolutely stunning!

Jess in Aus said...

Gorgeous crochet flowers, I'm all inspired to have a go! Thanks so much for showing them off, I'll go track to a BH&G mag :-)

Jess in Aus said...

Hey, gorgeous crocheted flowers! Thanks so much for showing them, I'm all inspired to have a go! I'll just go hunt down a BH&G mag :-)