Monday, April 27, 2009

A new project

Coz, you know I just don't have enough on the go at the moment!

But first: the quilt.
I have cut all of the squares out of the funky colours and stuck the vleisofix on.

Then separated the squares so they are ready to stick to the background.

I am in the process of sorting them out so I don't have too many obvious doubles in the pattern layout. Once I've got it sorted I'll show you the layout. It's a bit of a challenge the boys keep moving the squares around on me if I don't watch them so I have to do it when they're in bed, then there's only the cats to keep an eye on!

The vest: I am almost up to the armhole decreases on the back, so definitely making progress there. Best bit about a vest? No sleeves, so I'm probably about a quarter of the way there!

New Project:
Sunday was SnB knitting at the Cafe at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and despite the forecast of 14degC, rain, hail and 70km/h winds it was a great day! Decided to start a new project, something small. Pulled out the Pear Tree yarn and decided the grey day needed a bit of brightening so the orange came out with me. Cast on for a crossover cardigan and three and a half hours of eating, drinking, gossiping and of course knitting and the back is up past the armhole decreases! Good company is always an aid to knitting! Thanks ladies.

So there you go, up-to-date again!


Lynne said...

Don't know much about quilting but I love the colours!

Yep, knitting is often better when done in good company!

TinkingBell said...

What a nice set of projects! Love the pear tree!

Kate said...

(I am playing catch-up, thus the delayed commenting)
You are making me jealous! Vests! Cardis!! If I didn't have to leave for work in 45mins I'd be casting on right now!!!
(might even grab wool and needls to take with me, so powerful is your examlpe!!!)