Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The car died

We had been out and about all morning. Hunter needed new sneakers for school his pair from the beginning of the year ($60) are already dead after only 9 weeks!!!!!! Got evacuated from the shopping centre. Had worked out I had left my mobile at home on the charger. Missed messages for meet ups and had to use the cinema phone to sort it out, had one last chore to do with Hunter and we would be done. All good until we got back to the car.

When we got back to the car it was dead. "Could have been worse" I thought, "could have had the two littlies with me as well"

Went upstairs again back to the shop to ask if they knew where there was a phone I could use. Their receptionist kindly let me use theirs to call the RACV (Auto Club). On hold about 5 mins. Told the wait would be between 20 and 40 mins. Needed to get some lunch for Hunter so went next door to the supermarket at high speed and went and sat at the "designated waiting point" i.e. the bus stop! Had no phone, no watch. Felt about 20 mins.

RACV guy turned up, jump started the car and checked the charge on the battery. The battery had been flat but it wasn't the source of the problem. Nope it's the alternator. Wasn't recharging the battery.

"Where's your house?" asks he.
"Why?" answers she
"Because this car isn't going to get very far before stopping again" said he
"Crap" thought she.
"Over the hill and far away" said she
"It won't make it" said he
"double crap" thought she
"Where's your repairer? asked he
"normally here, but I could take it here" answered she
"It might make it" said he
"ok" said she
"but it might not" said he
"if it doesn't, call us again and we'll tow you" said he
"yeah with the phone that's beside the bed at home" thought she
"great!" said she
"how will I know if it's going to die again?" asked she
"the blinker could blink slower than usual, or the radio could start to drawl or a light could come on in the dash" said he
"but it didn't do that before" said she
"it didn't?" asked he
"nope" said she
he checked something else.
"no, it should have, but it didn't" said he
"fabulous" thought she
"at least it's just the 5 year old, he thinks he's on an adventure just like the Famous 5" thought she
So we set off to the repairer, the car was good until the last 500m and then it started to be a bit slower to respond.
"crap" thought she
But it made it. Pulled in, left the car running, went inside to see if they could fix it. They can, but I had to leave it there. How to get home? Walked up to the second closest train station with Hunter to collect Jules' car, a good half hour or more. Sure I could have caught a taxi, but it wasn't raining so we walked. Thankfully I have a key for his car with my keys. Went back to the repairer to collect the two car seats for the little kids, left Hunter's, it doesn't fit with the other two in his dad's car, then came home. A fifteen minute drop off became a 3 hour event!!

But we are home, I have had a cup of tea and some chocolate. I have seats for the little kids and will have to pick up Jules from the train station later. The thing is, they don't know for sure yet what's wrong with it although the immediate suspect is the alternator and it's going to be at least $300 to fix it. Annnndddd, it's the school holidays and we are down to one car. Bright side? It isn't term time and we don't actually have to go anywhere (I don't like to have Hunter in just a lap belt and I don't have a H-Harness to use in his dad's car) So it looks like we'll be spending some more time at home!

Not quite how I planned on spending the day!!! Hope yours has been better


CurlyPops said...

What a disaster! How did we ever cope before mobile phones were around?

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Tiggy Johnson said...

must ask why you didn't walk to the closest train station