Monday, April 27, 2009

A new project

Coz, you know I just don't have enough on the go at the moment!

But first: the quilt.
I have cut all of the squares out of the funky colours and stuck the vleisofix on.

Then separated the squares so they are ready to stick to the background.

I am in the process of sorting them out so I don't have too many obvious doubles in the pattern layout. Once I've got it sorted I'll show you the layout. It's a bit of a challenge the boys keep moving the squares around on me if I don't watch them so I have to do it when they're in bed, then there's only the cats to keep an eye on!

The vest: I am almost up to the armhole decreases on the back, so definitely making progress there. Best bit about a vest? No sleeves, so I'm probably about a quarter of the way there!

New Project:
Sunday was SnB knitting at the Cafe at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and despite the forecast of 14degC, rain, hail and 70km/h winds it was a great day! Decided to start a new project, something small. Pulled out the Pear Tree yarn and decided the grey day needed a bit of brightening so the orange came out with me. Cast on for a crossover cardigan and three and a half hours of eating, drinking, gossiping and of course knitting and the back is up past the armhole decreases! Good company is always an aid to knitting! Thanks ladies.

So there you go, up-to-date again!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And the winner is...

The queen size white quilt with the bright colours. It is a quite simple quilt but due to it's size it may take a while, we'll have to see!

So it looks like we will have a new quilt on our bed for next summer! Thanks for the help, it's really appreciated.

Did the tension square for the vest and my stitch count was 20 instead of 22 over 10cm but the fabric had the right feel to it so I have recalculated the number of stitches for the cast on and have almost finished the band for the back. I am knitting it on my bamboo straights, I only have one 4mm circular needle and I'm using it for the shawl at the moment so the straights it is. I also like the seam at the sides, feel like it gives it a little more stability.

Colour isn't brilliant here but you get the idea!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Vest....

I am embarking upon a journey. I am starting a project for me that actually matters what size it turns out. Recent "me" projects have been scarves and the shawl that is still in progress. I think the last time I knit something for me with the intent of it "fitting" I was a lean mean teenage machine. Now of course I am a mean mother of three having lost the lean somewhere along the way. So it is with some trepidation that I am embarking upon the knitting of a vest. I recently purchased a knitted vest (shhhhhh!!) and found it was love at first use and now of course I want more. This gorgeous Autumn weather has inspired me, that and a sale at my local yarn store of course. So I picked up a skein of this:

Thinking I might make a hat out of it, but then I bought my vest and a seed was sown. Had a look through what passes as a pattern collection and found a Patons Ladies Collection. Inside there are 2 vest patterns, one with buttons one without. After assessing the one I currently own which is buttoned, and does have a bit of a gap issue after a long day, I quickly came to the conclusion that a buttonless vest was probably the more flattering option.
So one skein of yarn was not going to be enough. Dropped by today to see if there was any more at my source and picked up two more, even though I'm pretty sure I don't need the third, at $12 a skein it won't be a huge loss if I manage to screw it up! If I don't need it the maybe the kids will get matching hats this Winter!

Off to do a Tension square (yes that was for you Bells!)

Oh and if you haven't already, take a look at the quilt options from the last post and let me know your preference!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A hat and a quilt question

So here is Jules' finished hat. As can be seen IT FITS!!!

I know this is a knitting blog, but I need to make a quilt.

I have 4 that are on my list that I actually have pretty much all of the fabric for and I need help in deciding which one to do first.

Here are pictures of the key fabrics to aid in your decision making

1. This is the fabric for 3 matching quilts for the boys, all in single bed size.

2. This fabric is for a quilt about 1.5 metres square for me.

3. This fabric is for a queen size quilt for our bed, there will be a layer of white lawn over the top dulling the brightness of these fabrics.

4. This fabric is for a small 1m square quilt for Tyler for in the car. The other boys already had theirs before Tyler came along.

So who wants to pick the one that gets made? I have assigned each a number from 1 to 4. Pick a number, leave it in the comments and whichever is the most popular gets made. As easy as that!

Edited to add: Oops a deadline would be a good idea wouldn't it? How about all choices to be made by Sunday April 19th at 7pm EST. Ta.

The car died

We had been out and about all morning. Hunter needed new sneakers for school his pair from the beginning of the year ($60) are already dead after only 9 weeks!!!!!! Got evacuated from the shopping centre. Had worked out I had left my mobile at home on the charger. Missed messages for meet ups and had to use the cinema phone to sort it out, had one last chore to do with Hunter and we would be done. All good until we got back to the car.

When we got back to the car it was dead. "Could have been worse" I thought, "could have had the two littlies with me as well"

Went upstairs again back to the shop to ask if they knew where there was a phone I could use. Their receptionist kindly let me use theirs to call the RACV (Auto Club). On hold about 5 mins. Told the wait would be between 20 and 40 mins. Needed to get some lunch for Hunter so went next door to the supermarket at high speed and went and sat at the "designated waiting point" i.e. the bus stop! Had no phone, no watch. Felt about 20 mins.

RACV guy turned up, jump started the car and checked the charge on the battery. The battery had been flat but it wasn't the source of the problem. Nope it's the alternator. Wasn't recharging the battery.

"Where's your house?" asks he.
"Why?" answers she
"Because this car isn't going to get very far before stopping again" said he
"Crap" thought she.
"Over the hill and far away" said she
"It won't make it" said he
"double crap" thought she
"Where's your repairer? asked he
"normally here, but I could take it here" answered she
"It might make it" said he
"ok" said she
"but it might not" said he
"if it doesn't, call us again and we'll tow you" said he
"yeah with the phone that's beside the bed at home" thought she
"great!" said she
"how will I know if it's going to die again?" asked she
"the blinker could blink slower than usual, or the radio could start to drawl or a light could come on in the dash" said he
"but it didn't do that before" said she
"it didn't?" asked he
"nope" said she
he checked something else.
"no, it should have, but it didn't" said he
"fabulous" thought she
"at least it's just the 5 year old, he thinks he's on an adventure just like the Famous 5" thought she
So we set off to the repairer, the car was good until the last 500m and then it started to be a bit slower to respond.
"crap" thought she
But it made it. Pulled in, left the car running, went inside to see if they could fix it. They can, but I had to leave it there. How to get home? Walked up to the second closest train station with Hunter to collect Jules' car, a good half hour or more. Sure I could have caught a taxi, but it wasn't raining so we walked. Thankfully I have a key for his car with my keys. Went back to the repairer to collect the two car seats for the little kids, left Hunter's, it doesn't fit with the other two in his dad's car, then came home. A fifteen minute drop off became a 3 hour event!!

But we are home, I have had a cup of tea and some chocolate. I have seats for the little kids and will have to pick up Jules from the train station later. The thing is, they don't know for sure yet what's wrong with it although the immediate suspect is the alternator and it's going to be at least $300 to fix it. Annnndddd, it's the school holidays and we are down to one car. Bright side? It isn't term time and we don't actually have to go anywhere (I don't like to have Hunter in just a lap belt and I don't have a H-Harness to use in his dad's car) So it looks like we'll be spending some more time at home!

Not quite how I planned on spending the day!!! Hope yours has been better

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I won an award!

What a great way to complete Easter. I arrived home after spending the last couple of days at Mum and Dad's and this evening at my Parents in Law, unpacked half the bags into the washing machine, sat down to check out my regular blog list and found I have won a blogging award from Kate at Kiss My Frog. Yay me and Thanks Kate!

In the interest of spreading the love around, and in the spirit of the award I am passing it on to the following bloggers whose blogs always leave me grinning.

Curlypops who just has such a wonderful outlook on life.

Hoppo Bumpo a super crafty lady with a wicked sense of humour (the home of the perfect seam and the search for the perfect hem!).

Potty mouth mama who has recently been decorating all things egg!

Hope everyone had a great Easter. I finished the reknit of Jules' hat while at my mum's and did a few rows on my shawl on the way home this arvo so tomorrow's trip to Ocean Grove may just need a new project.....unless I have to drive :-)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm up to date

I am honestly!

Side bar stuff.
I have gone through and checked all the WIP's and the finished items and put them all in the right spots.

Yes for those of you who have access to rav, I have done it! I am up to date! Yes that's right, all of the finished items are up, all of the WIP's have been updated. Yippee!


Ah huh, I have finished my SIL's scarf ready for delivery on Monday at the Official Opening of her new bookstore in Ocean Grove. The shop is called Book Grove. So if you are down that direction check them out. They have been open for a couple of months and business is going well from all reports. We will get to check it all out in person on Monday, can't wait!
Scarf stats: Pear tree Alpaca/Merino, 2ply, I think I used a 4mm hook (might have been a 3mm), same pattern as before.

I have started a reknit of the hat I made for Jules last year in the 7 hats in 7 days challenge I set myself, because as it turned out, it was just a little too floppy for his liking. Took it with me to work yesterday and started knitting it in the quiet bits between the mad running about! Frogging the old hat as I go so no need to roll it into a ball!

There you go now you are up to date too!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The website

And the website is up!

You can visit Luv Lees Handknits by clicking on this link.

Two major things: the shop is not linked in yet so you just get a plain page not a shop and the gallery only has two items at the moment, but as I add stock to the shop I will add pictures to the gallery.

So have at it, check it out, let me know if things look weird on your browser, or not consistent or whatever. I have kept it simple so hopefully there won't be too many things.

In other news, I finished up the little cardy yesterday

and gifted it last night.

It was very well received so that's great.

Am about a fifth of the way through the wool/alpaca scarf.

Toddling off now to do some more scarf and to try to decide what's for dinner. Have a good week!

Friday, April 3, 2009


It's so dark here at the moment with the thunder and lightning storms passing through that not only do I have the house lights on, the street lights outside have come on as well. It feels like late early evening/duck (ETA Sorry DUSK) but it's only 1.46pm!

LOVING the storms, hope the power doesn't go out.

Enjoy your weekends, I'm still working on the website, should have it done by Sunday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Started working on a new scarf for my SIL for her birthday next week at SNB this week.

Have been working on finalising my website, just doing the last couple of tweaks. Will not hookup the shop just yet until I've had a few people look at the website on different browsers and check that all is working ok. Should be done in the next couple of days. As expected every time I think I have it all done, a couple of extra things that need to be done turn up.

Lots of late nights happening over here at the moment and nocturnal visits from children, they must need more hugs during the day, poor things. The weather has been pretty fabulous so we have been enjoying it immensely.