Sunday, March 22, 2009

A stumbling block

Well, was almost there on the little cardy, one sleeve down, the second one was up to the arm holes when I came to the end of the ball.

Deep breath.

Went looking for the next ball and realised the balls were from different lots.




How did I manage that?

I'm normally scrupulously pedantic about colour and lot numbers matching.

What now?

Went back and checked the ball band from the first ball I used.

It matched the one I had just finished.

Double Bugger.

But at least the fronts and back were all from the one dyelot.

What now?

Decided I had two options: (1) Finish the sleeve that was almost done with the new, unmatching lot number, which or may or may not lead to a visible stripe, or (2) redo both sleeves from the new ball so at least there won't be a stripe.

What first?

Tried knitting some rows in the new ball to see if there was stripe.

Under the interior lights in the lounge: no stripe.

In broad daylight outside the next day: no stripe.

In various light situations using the camera: no stripe.

Can you tell I'm a trained scientist?

Did I go with it?


Did paranoia reign?


Despite the complete absence of a stripe I frogged the lot.

What if the two dyelots faded differently?

So I have reknit the first and am working on the second using the complete ball from the different dyelot.

If it fades it will hopefully be way less noticeable as two complete arms rather than one having a colour change stripe half way up.

I'm still wondering how I managed to get odd dyelots when I only buy 3 or four balls of any colour and ALWAYS check lot numbers.

Oh and as for the fading: the colour is called Gooseberry, it's a pale, yellowy greeny colour the chance of it fading is slim to none especially with the way dyeing is done these days, but hey better safe than not.

Oh and I did check with the store I bought the yarn from in the first place and various other stores around and about but it appears I have had it in the stash too long as no one had the lot I needed.

So there you are my little tale of woe for the week.

Next week a completed object and a new project!


Melinda said...

Very woeful - I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, what a pain! I admire your tenacity though, I'm not sure I would have enough patience to start again!

Lynne said...

Yep, I probably would've done the same!