Sunday, March 15, 2009

A lace update, a new WIP and stash enhancement

My lace project is coming along slowly. We were down at the beach for the long weekend and I got a chance to tackle it while the big boys were at the beach and the little boy was asleep. It was less complicated than I remembered but at 200 odd stitches it takes quite a while to get to the end of a row.
This is my new "simple" work in progress. Sublime cashmere/merino/silk DK so it is knitting up quite densely and quite quickly which was useful yesterday as we had a wedding in Elwood with a reception in Mordialloc so we had a lovely ride in the car and I finished one whole side front and made a good dent in the other.

Today I took the littlest boy to the Melbourne Stitches and Craft show and we found Pear Tree Yarn. Yummo, had to have a bit of the 4 ply Australian wool, see:
And just a tiny bit of alpaca:
Great day, wonderful wool, off to do some knitting I think!!! Perfect Weekend.


sue said...

I loved the Pear Tree yarns today too but they didnt have any prices on them. Yours look beautiful. Nice knitting too when it goes quickly.

Bells said...

Oh nice. Really nice. Lace, car knitting and new yarn. Perfect day! Some gorgeous colours there.

TinkingBell said...

I want pear tree - I do - oh I do - so much...... gorgeous colours...... (and my security word is Rasta - Blogger is so messing with my mind these days..

Lynne said...

Did you say" a bit"? LOL

Yes, 200 stitches does make for a long row - especially in lace. Thank goodness for other projects that we knit when our concentration is likely to be interrupted!