Sunday, March 29, 2009

An almost finished object and a plan

So, finished the sewing together and the neckband on the little cardy today. It's not quite a finished object as it is buttonless. But here it is anyway. All ends sewn in and ready to go.

Very pretty, lovely and simple. Tried it with a couple of sets of stunt buttons, but white ones and colourless ones didn't look right so I'll have to have a hunt around this week for some lightly yellow tinted ones I think.
Stats: Sublime Baby Cashmere/Merino/Silk DK in Gooseberry colourway. More than 2 balls, less than 3. Three month old size so should fit until the baby is almost 6 months, unless it is a boofer. A quick knit: 10th to 29th of March.

Today we have had a busy day. The Kids Arty Farty Fest in Heidelberg was on today and our Zac was in the parade with his dad. Each group was dressed in gear appropriate to the theme of "Our Magical World" and our kinder group had the sub theme "We are all Stars in our Magical World". So the kids were dressed up in costumes to reflect this theme and the parents keeping them company in the parade all had a star on their chests. So here is Zac with his "world on a stick" in a Magician's outfit.

While he looks a little serious here it's not about the parade , it's about an annoying mum trying to take his photo!! He actually had a ball and I have video footage of him coming down in the parade on Jules' shoulders grinning from ear to ear!

And so onto the plan.

The plan is to get out all of the website stuff and shop stuff and things I have made and paperwork and files and all the rest and sort out what is left to do to get my shop open. Tonight. Not the shop open tonight, just find all the stuff. After tonight though I will be setting a deadline for the opening of the shop and will let you know when that will be. I will also be asking for people to have a look at the website so I can work out any kinks before the shop goes live. Things like different browsers having problems with different layouts and finicky stuff like that. The website is pretty much done it just needs a look over and then it can go up. So that should be in the next couple of days as long as no one else gets sick! Having had no deadline, it has been easy to not get it going. So now is the time to Take Action and get it going while my brain has a little free space and everyone is well and all else is under control. So I'm off to gather everything and get organised. Wish me luck! See you with more info soon :-)


Michelle said...

I have the perfect buttons for that cardigan right here - it's just a shame you live so far away!

Good luck with your shop plans!

Lynne said...

Cute photo!

A great plan and now it's time for heads down, b*ms up! LOL