Sunday, March 29, 2009

An almost finished object and a plan

So, finished the sewing together and the neckband on the little cardy today. It's not quite a finished object as it is buttonless. But here it is anyway. All ends sewn in and ready to go.

Very pretty, lovely and simple. Tried it with a couple of sets of stunt buttons, but white ones and colourless ones didn't look right so I'll have to have a hunt around this week for some lightly yellow tinted ones I think.
Stats: Sublime Baby Cashmere/Merino/Silk DK in Gooseberry colourway. More than 2 balls, less than 3. Three month old size so should fit until the baby is almost 6 months, unless it is a boofer. A quick knit: 10th to 29th of March.

Today we have had a busy day. The Kids Arty Farty Fest in Heidelberg was on today and our Zac was in the parade with his dad. Each group was dressed in gear appropriate to the theme of "Our Magical World" and our kinder group had the sub theme "We are all Stars in our Magical World". So the kids were dressed up in costumes to reflect this theme and the parents keeping them company in the parade all had a star on their chests. So here is Zac with his "world on a stick" in a Magician's outfit.

While he looks a little serious here it's not about the parade , it's about an annoying mum trying to take his photo!! He actually had a ball and I have video footage of him coming down in the parade on Jules' shoulders grinning from ear to ear!

And so onto the plan.

The plan is to get out all of the website stuff and shop stuff and things I have made and paperwork and files and all the rest and sort out what is left to do to get my shop open. Tonight. Not the shop open tonight, just find all the stuff. After tonight though I will be setting a deadline for the opening of the shop and will let you know when that will be. I will also be asking for people to have a look at the website so I can work out any kinks before the shop goes live. Things like different browsers having problems with different layouts and finicky stuff like that. The website is pretty much done it just needs a look over and then it can go up. So that should be in the next couple of days as long as no one else gets sick! Having had no deadline, it has been easy to not get it going. So now is the time to Take Action and get it going while my brain has a little free space and everyone is well and all else is under control. So I'm off to gather everything and get organised. Wish me luck! See you with more info soon :-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Time for me

Today I had some time for me. Jules was at work, Hunter at school and I dropped Zac and Tyler off at their grandparents for a couple of hours while I went to have a mini manicure and a haircut. I feel like such a girl at the moment, something that occurs very rarely these days as the single female in a house of 4 males. I have dark red nail polish on and can't remember when I last actually wore polish let alone such a noticeable colour. My nails feel heavier, I'm doing things differently because I don't want to make a mess of my nails. I know it won't last long but I'm sort of going with it while I can :-) I'm even typing differently. I'm so going to use polish more often. I feel in some way like the inner me is emerging in some way. Sad really that all it takes is a fresh set of coloured nails.

The knitting is coming along. I am onto the decreasing on the raglan shaping of the second arm piece, so then all it will need is the sewing together and neckband. I think this one is going to be for a friend having a baby shower in two weeks time. It's looking good and feels so lush, perfect for a first baby, something that will last and might be used for siblings later on.

We have friends coming over with their 3 kids tomorrow and Sunday is the local council festival and Zac and Jules will be with Zac's kinder group walking in the parade so I'll have to get the video camera out for this one. A very busy weekend coming up, not a lot of time for knitting but I'm sure I'll fit some in somewhere!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, we have some beautiful weather heading our way and I intend to make the most of it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A stumbling block

Well, was almost there on the little cardy, one sleeve down, the second one was up to the arm holes when I came to the end of the ball.

Deep breath.

Went looking for the next ball and realised the balls were from different lots.




How did I manage that?

I'm normally scrupulously pedantic about colour and lot numbers matching.

What now?

Went back and checked the ball band from the first ball I used.

It matched the one I had just finished.

Double Bugger.

But at least the fronts and back were all from the one dyelot.

What now?

Decided I had two options: (1) Finish the sleeve that was almost done with the new, unmatching lot number, which or may or may not lead to a visible stripe, or (2) redo both sleeves from the new ball so at least there won't be a stripe.

What first?

Tried knitting some rows in the new ball to see if there was stripe.

Under the interior lights in the lounge: no stripe.

In broad daylight outside the next day: no stripe.

In various light situations using the camera: no stripe.

Can you tell I'm a trained scientist?

Did I go with it?


Did paranoia reign?


Despite the complete absence of a stripe I frogged the lot.

What if the two dyelots faded differently?

So I have reknit the first and am working on the second using the complete ball from the different dyelot.

If it fades it will hopefully be way less noticeable as two complete arms rather than one having a colour change stripe half way up.

I'm still wondering how I managed to get odd dyelots when I only buy 3 or four balls of any colour and ALWAYS check lot numbers.

Oh and as for the fading: the colour is called Gooseberry, it's a pale, yellowy greeny colour the chance of it fading is slim to none especially with the way dyeing is done these days, but hey better safe than not.

Oh and I did check with the store I bought the yarn from in the first place and various other stores around and about but it appears I have had it in the stash too long as no one had the lot I needed.

So there you are my little tale of woe for the week.

Next week a completed object and a new project!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A lace update, a new WIP and stash enhancement

My lace project is coming along slowly. We were down at the beach for the long weekend and I got a chance to tackle it while the big boys were at the beach and the little boy was asleep. It was less complicated than I remembered but at 200 odd stitches it takes quite a while to get to the end of a row.
This is my new "simple" work in progress. Sublime cashmere/merino/silk DK so it is knitting up quite densely and quite quickly which was useful yesterday as we had a wedding in Elwood with a reception in Mordialloc so we had a lovely ride in the car and I finished one whole side front and made a good dent in the other.

Today I took the littlest boy to the Melbourne Stitches and Craft show and we found Pear Tree Yarn. Yummo, had to have a bit of the 4 ply Australian wool, see:
And just a tiny bit of alpaca:
Great day, wonderful wool, off to do some knitting I think!!! Perfect Weekend.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


So I have been working on a couple of squares for my LYS to sew together into blankets for bushfire survivors.

Finished the bubblegum jacket.

And got some yummy yarn.

Anyone know what I can do with 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden????

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I dream

I was writing a comment to Donyale's post about having a weekend without the husband and kids and what you would do with all that time and realised that I haven't had my "The baby has been weaned" weekend away yet. Will have to get onto that. Here's the comment (yes I know it is more like an essay!) because I know at least one of my sisters reads this blog and this might inspire them to get started on the organising!!! Me being lazy? Absolutely!

I dream of the day,weekend, well week really when my husband takes the three kids AWAY, my second most favourite dream is ME going away for a week. What would be on the menu? Lots of cheese, not blue vein though, grapes, soft squishy medjool (?sp) dates, pear paste, water crackers, deep dark bitter chocolate. To drink….Cointreau, lime and soda or perhaps Lemon lime and bitters with Vodka. Just learning how to drink wine, so have no favourites there yet (any suggestions most welcome), followed by chocolate, Green and Blacks perhaps. Then I’d hit the DVD’s…Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, can’t wait for the new episode of Eureka, maybe some Northern Exposure for a change of pace. And if I could be bothered leaving the house then whatever I missed at the Movies on DVD. And I’m sure in my knitting bag there is a shawl that so far hasn’t made much progress because three littlies underfoot doesn’t leave enough brain space for yarn overs and k2togs on every row. So definitely knitting, maybe some squares while watching the box though so no mucking up the lace. And the best bit…..waking up when I am ready not because someone has crawled into bed beside me and asked for juice, and not because someone is hollering “I’ve finished” from the toilet at the other end of the house and is waiting somewhat impatiently for a parent to turn up to do the honours!!!!

In other news I have finished and gifted the Bubblegum jacket to little Miss L who we saw last night. She is now 9 weeks old and growing like a weed. You will have to wait for pictures though as I forgot to take the camera with me and used my swimming companion's camera to take a couple of shots and forgot to transfer them before leaving so I will wait until she emails them to me. Which may take a while since she's only online a couple of times a week. But hey no matter, can start planning my next knitting exploit...

My mum is up visiting my brother in Brisvegas this weekend for his birthday/house warming and is apparently bringing back some yarn, he owes me for making the Jane's hats for him......don't have any idea what is heading my way but will share happy snaps once it arrives!

Made a scarf for my niece, sure it's crocheting but time was of the essence! Her birthday was mid January but she knows it is on it's way so hopefully she will forgive the delay! She has just turned 9 and her favourite colour is pale blue so I'm hoping this will be ok. It's Paton's Serenity DK bamboo/cotton, on a 4mm hook using the same pattern as last time.

Time to go plot and plan my next brainless project, the shawl is going very slowly as it takes a lot of concentration, definitely not for knitting with the kids around!