Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes I have been AWOL, but I'm back now!

Allright so it has been busy, busy, busy over here.

H has started school and is LOVING it. He is handling it very well and sopping up all the info on a daily basis. He has started reading and so loves the achievement of completing a whole book (Word counts between 25-35 words!)

Z has had a big couple of weeks.
*3YO kinder has begun. He has decided after a couple of not so sure days that maybe having it all to himself is a pretty good thing after all!
*Childcare had changed, his big brother is no longer there and so he has lost his someone familiar to play with at outside time and this was quite upsetting for him for a couple of weeks but he is now settling in better. His little brother has started and occasionally he helps out to make him happy when he is sad.
*And home has changed as well because his big brother isn't home all day so boredom took approximately 1 hour to set in, 10 mins if you count ABC kids was on for the first 50 min!!!! So now Mondays are gardening days and we are working on adding structured ish stuff to do on the other days until he gets the hang of the extra brain space and starts to do his own things.

T has started childcare, he has had 2 full days so far and is part way through his third. He took a bit of getting used to it but seems to be fine if I just drop him and leave. He is really clingy while I am still there and then calms quickly once I'm gone. He is quite familiar with the carers too and recognises them so he is feeling more at home there. Also if he gets really upset they go and get Z and he cheers up very quickly and once he is right Z goes back to his usual room. Just needs to know he hasn't been completely deserted I think.

And on to the craft.

Finished the cardy for the Summer challenge at my LYS and remembered to hand it in on the final day, it had been finished for a week or so but I just kept forgetting to drop it off. Just added the buttons and off it went (forgot to take a final photo, oops! Might drop in at the store and get one, they are all on display in the front window) The submissions for the challenge all look wonderful. Lorraine has also started up "Slash your stash for the Bushfires" and is accepting 30cm squares which will be sewn together to make blankets for those that have been affected by the fires. So if you are interested, more info can be found on her "news" page.

Have finished sewing up the white cardy for A&O's little girl, just need to do the neckband and the buttons and I can hand it over.

Haven't done a lot of knitting recently as I have been doing some sewing for the Toy Society for their Bushfire drive. Dropped them off at Meet me at Mikes last week. So here the are:

They are two coloured, one each side. The star fish have stitched markings on one side and eyes on the other and the "rainbow fish" have an eye on each side and a silvery sparkly scale on one side like the fish in the story. (Wiki link, Amazon link). My kids loved playing with them so hopefully the kids that are given them will like them too. I gave two other fish, not shown here, to the friend at school who lost her sister. For her to keep for her own kids, or to pass on to people she knows who have been affected as she sees fit.

Hopefully I will gte back on track with the knitting and setting up of the shop as life settles down here after the madness that has been February.

Back soon!

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Lynne said...

Love the toy fish and starfish and I'm sure the recipients will too!