Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Packing, pausing, playing

Today we took the trailer to get one of the tyres sorted as it keeps going down. The trailer belongs to my BIL's dad, and was provided to us with the warning that the tyre will need inflating just prior to packing as it has a slow leak. I want to pack it over the next couple of days and I could see the cogs turning in J's head and decided to head that process off before it got too wound up so today we got it all fixed. The boys were fascinated by the whole process of taking the tyre off the trailer and pulling it off the rim and putting it all back together again. The machines they use are pretty nifty really. We now have the trailer sitting in the garage and the bikes and the tent went on it today. A few other things joined the party and so far the boys haven't found their bags which are already packed and hiding under their beds. They are sure to unpack them on me so I'll have to get them out to the trailer tomorrow.

So, while in the midst of finding stuff that needs to be found for our trip away I have been trying to convince the kids that under mummy's feet is not the place to be. They are excited and they are starting to drive me mad. Enter my MIL who is taking one of them off my hands for the afternoon tomorrow, yippee! On top of that she is providing dinner! Double yippee!

Tonight I have been next door to ask for a cat feeder while we are gone and they are happy to help out, our cats are definitely not fans of cat holiday housing so we like to leave them at home as much as possible.

Tonight I took a break and sat and watched some Northern Exposure (mmmmmm Chris) and knit the cardy I am making for our friends little girl who is now all of 2 weeks old! Have finished the back and one front and am working on the other front. I am still a fan of working in pieces and then sewing together in the end. I just get the feel that the seams add a little strength and stability to the whole garment.

And then I sat down to the computer for a check of the email prior to going to bed and had to start tinkering. I'm thinking of adding some colour to this here blog and can't decide whether to do it in terms of a complete background colour or just to change the background for the blog title or to do something else. Any suggestions? I also have neatened up the side bar, pulled down a couple of things, added a new 2009 finished objects section, just a general clean up really.

Anyhoo off to bed, was going much earlier than this, but got distracted.....who me????


Bells said...

changing the colour of the background can make a blog more distinctive. Although white is nice and easy to read. Play around with a few changes and see what works !

Lynne said...

I keep changing my blog on a whim so I can see why you'd want to!