Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet Mini

Minisaurus that is.

He was created over the course of the last 3 days of freaking hot weather here in good old Melbourne town. Children were not being tolerant of knitting and neither was my brain, somehow this seemed easier....

Summary: Colouring in book picture, traced, made into a pattern, cut out in felt, handsewn, stuffed and hand finished. Pictures are worth a thousand words aren't they?

So, stage 1 was cutting everything out.

Stage 2: underside sewn in and legs sewn together.

Stage 3: head stuffed, red strip folded in half was sewn in and spines were cut into it as flexibility was required (clipping the curves anyone?) body and legs being stuffed as we close up the back.

Stage4: Construction complete, finishing required.

Stage 5: Meet Minisaurus, see how he turns his head to look at you, what a wonderful model he is!

So this bit of cuteness will belong to Z when he wakes in the morning. How soon after the recipient receives Mini do you think it will be before H requests one for himself? I have a feeling he has a different creature in mind though so we will see :-)

Oh and just for reference this is Mini and the colouring-in page that inspired his construction. They look like they might be related don't you think? (*giggle*)


Julie said...

That is infinitely cute. And I am amazed at how you cranked that out with no pattern! It looks just like the coloring book - or as close to identical as you get, going from 2D to 3D. Bravo. Skill and cuteness. It doesn't get any better.

Lynne said...

So cute - well done mum!

Teresa said...

You will hear this rarely from's so cute!

Having two dinosaur boys, I did knit two dinosaurs in my time, this is just perfect.

All that hot weather wasn't wasted.

Ribbonista said...

Ok that is way to adorable and Iknow a whole load of kids who will lining up for one of those! Bravo for doing it in the heat too!

sweetp said...

What a great idea!! Very cute, well done

Anonymous said...

This is too cute! And very impressive too!

Juddie said...

Oh, you are so talented! I love making softies but I haven't yet nailed the skill of making the patterns for the underbellies etc. I love minisaurus!