Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's the International Year of Natural Fibres!

For those of us who knit, spin, weave or generally work with fibre, it's OUR YEAR!!!

As I have never been a fan of acrylic or other man made fibres and hold my breath when I use something with Nylon in it, I am all for this year being about promoting my type of yarns!!

I'm grinning from ear to ear. I feel quite silly really, but to have acknowledgement of something I love and to know they are planning on promoting it around the world, makes me feel happier than ever about the coming year and the abundance of wonderful fibres that are out there for us to use.

Yay For Natural Fibres!!!

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Lynne said...

I often knit in non-natural fibres because that's what the charities I support ask for [hot washability for example]. For myself I prefer the natural choice. I have become very aware of the source of acrylic yarns and, for now, am undecided about the pros and cons. Since I have plenty of stash I have time yet to think it through before making any more purchases. Thank you for providing a source for one side of the 'argument'. It will be interesting to see how successful the year is.