Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Crafting Complete

Yay! I have finished the sheets for the camping beds for the boys. Knocked them off in a couple of hours this afternoon while the boys were out riding their bikes with their dad. They are bright red and the boys have tried them out already, well they have bounced/lain on the camp bed and declared them "good" so I suppose that suffices!!

And that completes the Holiday Crafting List!

If only the Clear the Decks went better. Positives: Did find the kitchen, did find the dining table (and once I pack away today's sewing stuff I will find it again!!), half found our room, half found T's room, the laundry can wait, and finished the holiday crafting, so quite good really. Will work on finishing up ours and T's room in the next week before we head off for our trip so we can come back to a wonderfully fresh and clean house. It's magic to come home from time away to a beautiful house makes the effort to get it there well worth it!

So the next week will be cleaning and organising the packing for our trip and then we are off!


Georgie said...

You have been doing very well, all that clearing! Happy New Year to you all (sorry Im a bit behind with that!).

Have a fabulous time camping.

Le @ third on the right said...

Happiest camping days ahead - my bro and wife and family of four boys 10 7 5 1.5 just came back from a week tent camping at the beach - exhausted but very happy :) my best and thansk for coming by the third le