Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Knitting...

Dear Knitting,

I know I'm supposed to be finishing that lovely white cardigan in my favourite pattern for our friends now 5 week old daughter, and maybe having a play with that little bit of lace I'm working on for me, but honestly when it's this hot (41.5degC), I can't be stuffed.

The kids are going mad stuck in the house, thank goodness we shelled out for the cooling last year because it means that they aren't abominable and can sleep soundly at night, but they need distraction.

Mummy knitting just isn't cutting it.

So we set up H with his magnets.

The baby was asleep.

So Z and I started making a dinosaur. He has a thing about dinosaurs. I'm trying out something, making a pattern up. We have lots of felt left over from making the boys' letters for their felt board.

So we got out a colouring in book and looked at pictures until one clicked.
Traced it out and then thought some.

Then did a side on view and cut them out in dark blue felt.
Worked out we needed a strip for it's underside to give it a bit of heft, traced out a couple of shapes and pinned them to the other two pieces and it looked good.
So we cut out the piece for the underside in yellow and it looks good.

Z requested red spines for it's back so I have cut a strip that I will just sew in and make into spines later (yay for felt that doesn't fray!!).
So now I am engaged in the ages old pass time of handsewing the pieces together with constant offers of aid in cutting more thread!!

So you see dear knitting, I will get back to you, but this dinosaur, he needs a making!

Yours truly,
Dr Bones.

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Lynne said...

Good on you. They say 'necessity is the mother of invention' but without mothers... LOL