Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hats, hats, hats.....

Well it must be nearly hat time, have looked through the stash to find worthy contenders for the hat knitting challenge. Need to find seven different yarns of varying ply's to convert into hats for the 7 hats in 7 days challenge.

Can't start the actual challenge yet as I am working on a quilt that has to be done and posted by August 8th.

In the meantime, Tuesday's s'n'b saw the beginning of this speckled rainbow hat which was finished that evening while at C and D's house, very small and cute!

Once I have gathered the contenders for the 7 hat challenge I will add their photos to the next post and then we will be off! If I feel the need for knitting before I finish the quilt I will have to remember to start a cardy as otherwise I might end up having a harder time in the challenge!!!

Oh and my brother G rang last night to see if I could make a variation on the Jayne's hat (Joss Whedon's Firefly-sci fi series) for a female friend who wants the same design but in shades of pinks to purple-so maybe that one will be added to the challenge. Depends on the timing as I will have to order in the yarn I think.

Anyway, must be off, time to collect master H from kinder.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Craft and Quilt Show-Melbourne

Went to the Craft and Quilt Fair at Jeff's Shed yesterday with my mum and found a few things that were very tempting. Left some of them behind including some beautiful New Zealand "Touch" Yarn. Couldn't leave behind the Frog Tree 100% Alpaca in green multi.

Found Sarah's stall a bit later and had to have 3 different skeins of the Jitterbug sock wool in 4 ply merino. Couldn't leave behind the Velvet Bilberry (a richer, darker purple than it photographed)

lagoon (blues and greens),

and Wasabi Squeeze (a gorgeous mustard colour)

also found some beautiful (yes, I realise I am gushing!) fabrics from Dyed & Gone to Heaven to go with a piece I bought on a trip with a friend on Saturday. So all in all a great day and lovely to catch up with Mum too!

Have been doing some finishing, the bamboo/wool now only needs buttons and it is done, the blue silk needs a collar and buttons and the gooseberry Sublime cashmere/merino/silk just needs a collar and buttons-yes all the ends are sewn in!!!! Yay for watching lots of Alias DVD's. I need something to do with my hands while I watch....

Thinking of setting myself a 7 day challenge....7 hats in 7 days but can't start until the three above mentioned cardy's are completed otherwise they will never get done!

S'n'b tomorrow at Rosanna so will have to either finish this lot tonight or I'll be finishing them then....bit boring really, but they do have to get done.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change of plan

After looking at the setup of my blog and realising that very, very quickly there will be pictures from here to eternity if I keep posting them in a sidebar, I have decided to incorporate them inside the blog entry instead. So to make sure I have everything present and accounted for this entry will have all of the pictures that have previously been posted to the side and from now on all new items will appear inside posts. Hope that is not too confusing...
So first things first: Jayne's hat.

Next: the pastel bamboo cardy.

then the lemon(ish) wash cloth (front and back) technically this one is tricot but another name for it is Tunisian Knitting so I figure it counts.

Next comes rainbow hat for shop #1

and lastly Rainbow hat for T begun yesterday around 3.30 pm and finished, including sewing, at about 10.30pm with the usual breaks for dinner for kids and myself and kids' bedtimes and every other thing that happens in an evening when there are three kids and dad is out for the evening at boys night. Not a bad effort really even if I do say so myself!!!

and T posing with his new hat on. Oh so cute!!

I think that is everything now in the completed stakes. Will do more pics of the works in progress when I actually do something on them!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too tempting to pass up...

Well eventually decided to sew at the s'n'b event on Tuesday and worked on the blue silk as that was what I started there last time. It was a lovely bit of morning diversion, I think it might be just a little too conveniently located to Woolybutt though as I stopped in to see Lorraine on the way home to get some buttons but was waylaid by some lovely Karaoke soysilk/wool rainbow coloured yarn........
Next Tuesday I might have to go straight home without visiting Lorraine or I might get myself into some more rainbow coloured trouble!!!
Took the Karaoke with me when I picked up the boys after their day at childcare (my sanity saver time!) and tried to cast on while they ate their chicken and chip dinner and watched the trains at the station go past (peak hour has lots of trains to amuse eating children). Cast on did not go well-twice I managed to "tear" the yarn. I think my cast on unwinds the yarn thus weakening it-bugger. When we got home I sorted the boys and then once their dad and D had arrived and C turned up as well I ignored everyone and concentrated on tightening the twist of the yarn every couple of stitches so that I could get all 63 stitches onto the needles without breaking it again. Success!! Took a break for cooking dinner and then when it was at the conversation portion of the evening, knitted! Finished knitting the little hat just before T woke for his final feed for the day-brilliant timing!! Sewed it together this morning with Z's help (Z crawling all over me and saying "that's pretty mum") and then he helped with posing it!
This is only half of the ball and the other half has other colours so I will have to knit one with the other half just to see the difference. To give an idea of size, master Z just turned 3 on the weekend so they are small hands holding that hat, think appropriate size for newborn up to 3 monthish size, so quite small and oh so quick to knit, and gorgeous to touch!!!
So, one more for the shop and can't wait to have the excuse to knit the other half of that ball of yarn. T might even end up with one from this yarn, will have to measure his head first though so I get it right. My other life is insisting on intruding and I have a small quilt to make by the 8th of August so less knitting for a few days I think. Oh well won't be long!

Monday, July 21, 2008

To dive or not to dive.....

Have finished the last piece of the bubblegum jacket while watching Alias on DVD this evening with J. Just have to sew it together now, just! It has knit up so beautifully, so thick and lush feeling, will have to knit with this yarn again and soon!!! Will add photos of the finished product in the next couple of days, once it is complete.
Have a s'n'b event tomorrow so I am debating as to whether to take any of the now three cardy's which are needing sewing together or to start something new...feeling the need for something strongly coloured, will have to go stash diving to find something interesting I think.
Have finalised the layout and design of the website and have some choices to make for stationery for the shop, my design guru dropped by today and played on the computer while I entertained one small child with balloons being moved by ducted heating, and played almost hide and seek with another who kept having fits of giggles when I pretended he couldn't be seen even though both he and I knew he could.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bubblegum jacket progress

Progress on the knitting front: the bubblegum jacket has the back, one front and one sleeve done and I have started on the other sleeve. The last piece will take a little thinking as I effectively will knit back-to-front to avoid having a wool end at the edge of the front band. Knitting "back-to-front" for me: the first row starts with a purl instead of a knit and this means having to keep track of the stitch count and pattern a little more closely so that I don't accidentally add an extra couple of rows or stitches.
Also had a delivery of yarn from Michelle at A Stranded Yarn, ordered some hemp twine (see here) and some silk (see here), the hemp twine I was going to use for a hat but I think it will need to be double knit with some wool or cotton to soften it a little as the test swatch on 4mm needles came out quite "rough" or "coarse", great for a wash cloth for an adult but not so great and not much give for a hat.
Might use the silk, as suggested, for a blanket of some description. Don't know that I would use it for a baby jumper, it feels a little rough, will see how it knits up.
Z's birthday today, finished the cake last night, have more organising to do so off I go!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Soul repair

It is amazing how much soul repairing can happen by a little achievement through knitting!! My favourite pattern in a gorgeous yarn and a completed back piece for a 3 month size baby later and my world is righting itself. Spent yesterday with only the baby, a lot of crappy tv, some great blog reading and lots of knitting.......fabulous! Obviously just what was needed and so glad I ignored the million and one things that I should have been doing instead, they will be today's jobs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mental moment

So, was having a big mental moment last night after going swimming to see if I could with a broken toe (not worth doing-complete waste of time), had stopped for chocolate and ice cream and other tasty treats on the way home to improve my mood-none of which worked particularly well, although the expensive dried strawberries that taste like jam were fantastic!. Needed to knit to settle my soul but wasn't anywhere near the right frame of mind to finish the blue silk or the bamboo wool, needed the mindless repetition and soothing-ness of habit. Decided the only thing for it was to start knitting something new in a beautiful yarn with my favourite and longtime standby pattern. So out came the Sublime cashmere/silk/merino and the bubblegum jacket pattern. Pattern (5ply) and yarn (8ply) don't match but that is easy fixed these days and off I went: cast on-all good, 1st row-excellent, 2nd row-swearing errupted! I do work from the centre of the ball so that the ball doesn't go rolling everywhere so maybe if I worked from the outside in I wouldn't have cared so much but there it was, yet another thing to be cranky about.....a knot!! Now for some people the only comment here would be "Big Deal" but not for me and not last night. At $12.95 a ball I expect more. I expect that my ball will be one continuous strand-NO KNOTS!!! Maybe I am expecting too much but I don't think so. And besides which I was trying to settle my mind not antagonise it!!! So I pulled the needles out and started again: cast on-all good, 1st row-excellent, 2nd row-NO KNOTS!!!, 3rd row-eyes started drooping, a great tiredness had descended packed everything up and went to bed. Rather anti climactic (?sp) in the scheme of things but now I am looking forward to the knitting.....and still ignoring the bamboo/wool and the silk!! ooops :-) Special mention to J for the hug, the not trying to solve it, for sharing the chocolate but not eating it all and for being in agreement that knots are not on!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Blue silk, The website, my labels and the broken toe

So, the blue silk is almost done, back, two fronts and two sleeves complete, two front bands knitted and sewing together now in progress before I can do the neckband. Have to remember to give the next cardy garter stitch bands as I am a bit over knitting ribbed bands. Forgot that I had the tricot hook out last weekend and made a wash cloth in a beautiful gooseberry cotton/bamboo mix. Have crocheted around the edge to help it stay flat. Looks quite pretty, will take a photo in a mo and post it shortly. Still want to make more balls, tricot is my next plan, nicely dense "fabric" so stuffing won't explode everywhere!!! Have looked at the "store" contents and have decided I need more colours, there seems to be more blues and pinks than I remembered so might have to see if I can find some reds and oranges and greens in my stash to knit up next. Also need some hats. Must have brightly coloured hats!!!

Have finally resolved some of the website problems by doing the change to Dreamweaver but the remaining problems are all hosting issues and am tempted to move my hosting as there is always yet another thing that doesn't work properly and takes weeks to change or not to change that is the question.

Received my labels to sew in my knitting during the week and am quite disappointed as they are about twice the length I was expecting. They will do for balls, washcloths, etc but way too big for little cardy's hmmmmm more searching for labels coming up I suppose. Bugger.

The broken toe still feels dodgy, wore real shoes for the first time yesterday and won't be doing that again for another week or so because it has started to ache again and there is fresh bruising-oh so pretty-obviously the break isn't sealed yet. Will have to wear just socks or my Mary-Jane crocs for longer, they don't seem to bother the toe and provide a bit of safety from children standing tooooooo close!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


So there hasn't been much knitting in the last few days despite needing my foot up because I broke my little toe because I have been working on my website instead. Am pretty happy with how it is looking in general, can't quite decide on a final setup for the banner design, will have to get some advice from my design guru. Have to check out a few other websites to make sure I put stuff in a similar place so that people can find it, stuff like Contact Us, Feedback, Privacy info and other things like that. It is definitely getting there and I am glad I made the change to Dreamweaver because even though I am learning my third set of website construction software it looks like this one is the choice one! I'm sure I will have trouble at some point but thus far everything I have tried to get working has worked and relatively easily.
Back to knitting-the blue silk ...back is finished, right front is finished and I can't decide whether to have a wool join in the left front about 2/3 of the way up or keep that bit of silk for the collar and start the piece again so that it is completed from a single strand of yarn. I probably will start it again and had help winding my second skein into a ball on Thursday night so I can get onto that once I have had enough of website construction again. Then there is just the sleeves and collar and it is ready to go, oh and sewing it together and buttons.......
Still waiting for my labels to come, will have to contact the manufacturer on Monday and see what is going on. Purchased all of the paper/envelopes/folders, etc that I will need to run things with on Tuesday. All of it is made from recycled sources or renewable ones wherever possible. Need to sort out the stickers too....hmmm there seems to be a lot of things to do still will it ever get there???