Sunday, December 7, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been really busy already this month. I have been down to Mum's two weekends in a row, seeing my Nan both times, this week she looked much better, they have adjusted her pain meds. Had my nephews 10th birthday party last weekend and my Dad's family Christmas do this weekend. I took T with me this weekend and left the other two to the tender mercies of their father. All of the children had a ball with their respective parents so it worked out well. Also had H's Kinder concert on Friday, which was fabulous! H was a great method actor as a wombat in the Aussie Christmas story that the kids acted out. It was so good and will be on the DVD we are getting of his (and the other kinder kids') year at Kinder. Saturday morning we went to the Kew Traffic School with the Kinder kids, they all raced around like lunatics and all of the parents were in awe of just how close they came to crashing into each other without crashing!! Best of all, Z was racing around too, this is the first time since getting his bike that he has been able to push the pedals consistently and steer at the same time. Well done Z!! The scraped lip and knee were the result of riding into a pole not a kid, and he managed to get back on his bike again before we left and rode again today so he hasn't been put off at all, thank gooodness.

I showed my Nan her socks in progress this weekend. When I showed her she wanted to try them on so (Prepare to flinch) I pulled the 4 dpns out and we put it on her foot. It was worth it, she liked the colours and was interested in where they were at. At the moment it is hard to get her interested in anything so I figure that was good. When I got back to Mum's I set about putting the needles back in, I only lost 2 rounds of knitting and it was easy enough to get everything working again so I was happy. I have done another pattern repeat since then so here they are as they stand now:And no, I didn't pull the dpns out again to take the pictures, LOL!

How is Clear the Decks December going? Well we have found the top of the old Singer sewing machine at the front door where we drop the kids backpacks, it had accrued all of the Winter jackets and hats and the green shopping bags and the sunhats and various shoes and toys and now it has three backpacks, one for each child! Much nicer. I came home today to a clean kitchen, the kitchen fairy (aka J) had been at work, so now it just needs to stay that way. Had to clear the top of the television to put the Christmas tree up but it didn't go very far, it found it's way to the kitchen that must be my next target.

Lots of knitting to do, lots of cleaning to do and at last the brain fog of too many broken nights sleep is lifting so we may actually make our targets!!

Have a great week, knitting and a Bourne Movie await me :-)


Michelle said...

You have been busy! I haven't been doing too much clearing, but I have found some stuff in my cupboard!

Bells said...

You know, one other way to take them off for fitting is to thread waste yarn through the live stitches. I've seen it done and it saves losing even a couple of rows!

Lynne said...

case you're intersted, I cam across a good little quote on a blog [I just can't remember which]: "Put it away, not put it down!"
When you've finally got it all under control - a worthwhile goal - the above maxim will help. [Wish I'd take my own advice LOL]