Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brain Dump

This is going to be a bit of a brain dump so if you're not into that you might want to skip this one, otherwise, read on....

Firstly thank you for the kind words you have left regarding the recent sad news of my Nan's passing, I do truly appreciate your thoughts.

I've been a bit absent recently both here and in "real life", too many things to do and a brain like a sieve generally lead to things not happening (housework, crafting, picking kids up on time from kinder...thanks Gen!).

J has been doing a fabulous job of working and then coming home to a potentially very sad wife and mad cap kids, some days are better than others. The dishes are getting done, messes getting picked up, I'm noticing, just not necessarily saying so, sorry.

I have been knitting.

I have finished bird for the toy drop (see previous post).

I have finished my Nan's socks and after a considerable amount of internal debate have sent them down to be added to her coffin. They were always meant for her, I bought the yarn for her and was knitting them for her and didn't feel right keeping them so she is getting them.
They worked beautifully and I am very happy with them.

Last Tuesday I was asked if I wanted to make a washcloth for Jenny (and Wayne) for Christmas. They run the fruit shop we have our Tuesday SnB meetings at , so I've done that as well.

Technically they were tricot, wrong side out and right side out, crocheted together and stuffed with a sponge, more of a kitchen washing up type cloth. Got the pattern here. The white lines in the centre photo are nylon thread stuff that the old ladies use to make toilet roll covers and hangar covers with. Had to do a quick trip to Lincraft to find some as my LYS didn't have any. Couldn't blame them really it is terrible stuff, but really good like this for scrubbing pots or washing off stuck food.

Tried to catch up with friends on the weekend, they are due to have their second child in a week, but everyone was busy. Last night after finishing the washcloth I realised I have not yet made anything for the baby. Where is my brain? So fished out some white wool this morning and have cast on for the bubblegum jacket in Merino Bambino. Have had to frog a couple of rows a couple of times now. Highly unusual. Especially as I have only done the band and about 6 rows of the back piece. The girls at SnB this morning suggested I could dye it to whatever colour I wanted once I was done. Haven't ever dyed before not sure if I want to try on this, will see.

And to my brain...wherever you are....the baby is sleeping through oh so much better now, so can you stop hiding? I need you to be working!!! I want my memory back right now thanks!!

Christmas is being a bit of a challenge this year, although it's not really Christmas that is the issue, it's me not getting into to it. So next post will have some Christmas stuff that we are doing around here, some crafting, some cooking and some decorating!

Hope all is well in your part of the world this Christmas season. Be back soon!

PS I've tried posting this twice now and it hasn't worked, I'll try once more shall I?

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Michelle said...

I think that's a perfectly reasonable brain dump!

I love that you still gave your nan the socks to wear.