Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spazzing out with the crew!

I have joined in with Julie's Spaz-out-along, we all need to share the fun of the holiday season!! How cool is the button! (see side bar)

Have to think of all the things I need to complete for this holiday season. A couple of things come to mind: a pair of socks for my Nana and two padded fitted sheets to go on the boys' camp beds for camping in January, that and buying the huge list of camping items we need (maybe I should actually make a list of all the things we need!). There will be more, I just haven't got to them yet!!!

What have I been working on since finishing my socks? The red cardy I'm making from all of the ideas in my head. Have made one front piece, but the button band is too loose so I've played around a whole heap with different options for a button band knit at the same time as the body piece and think I have come up with something that will work. Once I've finished the second front I'll compare the two and probably frog the first one, especially if the second band isn't all curly and wavy! So it is all progressing slowly. Think I have made another face washer in between but have completely lost track, my cold turned out to be infected sinuses and so my brain has been on a hiatus for a week or so. Oh did start a little cardy with rainbow multicoloured Merino Bambino at S'n'B last week, but haven't worked on it since. Might keep that one for S'n'B only and do other stuff at home....

Anyway that is where we are at, life is settling down again at the moment, the calm before the storm of the Christmas season I think.

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