Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SnB Knitting

So I have recently had just one project that I have been making only when I am at SnB on Tuesday mornings with "The Stitchers". Usually I just bring the project I'm working on and often it is something different each week, but not recently, so here it is.

That's the back and 1 and a quarter fronts. It looks a litttle higgledy piggledy, that's the garter stitch bands curling up. They will be right once it is sewn together and potentially blocked. The best bit about this knit is the rainbow colour, it is just Cleckheaton Merino Bambino in the multicolour, but it is lovely and sometimes it's nice to knit with something that you know is just going to wear and wear and wear and still stay nice. Think I'm doing the OOO size, would have to get off my butt and look for the....ahh it is actually just beside me, hang on!! Nope it's the OOOO, so quite tiny, though it is looking bigger than I thought it would be, will see what happens when it is sewn together. Have been working on a quilt in my "spare" time so the knitting at home is on a slow down.

Really need to start knitting my Nan's socks, Christmas is coming.......


Anonymous said...

Ooh what a divine colour way, love rainbows and very gender neutral too!

Lynne S of Oz said...

Did you know it is almost impossible to get baby wool (not ack-rlic but wool) here in the States?
Thanks for commenting on my blog :-)