Friday, November 21, 2008

My poor blog

You poor thing, no, I haven't forgotten you, you are in my thoughts, even if you aren't at my fingertips. There is knitting to share, progress on my design, progress on my SnB knitting oh and yesterday I made half a star that looked suspiciously like a flower and then made up a complete star including stuffing and NO SEAMS! Yay for me. Now I just need piccies and I can show you there are no fibs happening here.

In other news, I have finally gotten back into setting up my shop, there has been a very busy period here recently, heaps going on, lots of illnesses involving everyone at least once and all the usual stuff that happens when a house is in the presence of 3 kids under school age. Finally getting a grip on everything, and hopefully now that T is down to 2 feeds max in a day, his overnight sleeps will continue to lengthen and my sleep deficit will right itself and then it will be full steam ahead!!!!!!! (I hope :-P)

Anyway pics will turn up soon, I promise. Have a great weekend everyone :-)

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m1k1 said...

Thanks for visiting my knittybloggisphere. I tend to use circular needles most of the time, and it definitely helps distribute the weight while 'walking'. But heh! Maybe if I change to straights, I can incorporate more of a weight-lifting component to the whole process. lol.
I love the look of the "Art Fiber" book, too. I dub thee 'enabler'. Rejoice.