Monday, November 24, 2008

My design update

Ok so this is the last one for today, I think.

I have another couple rolling around in my head but they will have to wait as it has been a long day and I have been swimming this evening (50x25m in 30 mins. Yay for me almost back to top speed!!!), so I am running short of that thing called energy. It has been a very busy and fruitful day. Lots of washing done. Progress made on the quilt I'm making. Happy boys who didn't spend the whole day annoying each other. The weekend was a bit trying, wet weather and all. Check out the hail in my backyard from Saturday morning! It was amazing :-) Yes that is hail not snow!!! Oh and the stuff everywhere? The usual state of my backyard with three kids moving things around it changes every day (grin).

So the knitting....

The design even.

I am very happy with the back, it's the right length, width, everything.

The right front is the one without the button holes. The button band is rib one side, knit the other (in other words the stitch pattern from the bubblegum jacket) and the edge is pretty good. I'm pretty sure I slipped the stitch at the beginning of the row to help it be tighter, but honestly I'd have to pull it out to check and it's in my bedroom and I'm not... I like the curve of the neck decreases I think it will look lovely on.

The left front is the one with the button holes. I'm not so sure of it. It seems to be looser on the edge but it shouldn't. I wouldn't have thought adding buttonholes would have that effect, but maybe that is what is going on. Anyway, it is just the mirror image of the right front, so the decreases are all the same, etc.

So the next step is the sleeves. Having a ponder with that at the moment, will need to sleep on it some more, just trying to decide whether to have a cuff or not. What do you think?

Will leave you with a very cute picture that I took a couple of hours after the hail storm. I have called it "Hail the boat" LOL! Maybe I should just name the boat "Titanic" and no it wasn't posed, if you look at the first picture with the whole yard you can just see a yellow "blob" on the edge of the table and this boat was it.

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