Friday, November 28, 2008


I cast on the socks I will be knitting for my Nan for Christmas yesterday afternoon. The boys had been sent elsewhere to play in the house or outside because mummy needed a break from them, so for the first time all day I had some personal space!! I had a quick peruse of Ravelry and have decided to join the masses and knit a pair of Monkeys (non rav link). There is something about them that I think will work really well with the yarn I have...ooops that's right I haven't shown you yet. (She whips out the camera and goes looking for her yarn)

There you go. Blues, purple, cream a touch of brown. Perfect Nan colours.
Oh and of course, I didn't just cast on, by the end of the evening I had finished the cuff and the first pattern repeat:

The yarn has come from a sock kit I bought at my LYS and appears to be of German origin (Rico Design Knit-Kit) the colours are ones I think of as Nan's, the blues and cream and the hint of purple, all good. So the sock is underway and I am pleased with how it looks so far. I am using my great grandmother's dpns to knit with again, so in a convoluted way my Nan's granddaughter (me) is knitting her a pair of socks with her mother's (my great grandmother's) needles!! I like the links through it all. I am a little sad about it all though because my Nan is unwell. (I have rewritten that last sentence about 8 times and I just can't express my hopes, my fears, any of it really, so I've left it simple).

We are travelling down to Mums this weekend (Gippsland) and I will be visiting Nan this weekend as well as catching up with my big sister and her crew (Leongatha) for my nephews birthday. So a busy one coming up. Have a lot of organising to do today as I am swimming in the morning and voting after that in the local elections and then travelling across to Brunswick for the Sister's market (with my little sister) before heading down to Mum's all hopefully before lunchtime so there will be no time for packing tomorrow so that is a task for today. Shouldn't be too hard an ask as T slept last night. I had 7.5 hours UNBROKEN sleep!!!!!!! I am a new woman, at least for today :-)

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Bells said...

That yarn is going to be so good for monkeys. It's one of those rare lace patterns that actually looks really good in fairly variegated yarn. You'll love it and it's so nice you can knit on inherited needles for her.