Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mega Ravelry Meet in Melbourne

It was a lovely afternoon sitting in the sun, or under umbrellas, and knitting with a whole new group of Melbourne knitters.

The big boys played with their dad in the Children's garden and then had a wander over to the Shrine where they witnessed a simple ceremony where a wreath was laid, then back to the Children's garden.

T had a nap while I knitted in good company. Thank you ladies for being so welcoming :-)


Anonymous said...

I loved meeting you and your lovely son T! I don't think I got to say goodbye to you when I left! Beep T's nose for me, what a cutie pie. Too bad I didn't get to meet the other kiddos, next time!

Anonymous said...

It was lovely meeting you as well and what a lovely family you have!!

Hope you were able to keep the little ones awake on the trip home. Hope to see you again soon.


Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

sounds like a lovely day indeed ... thanks for dropping by the THIRD and leaving some kind words - cheers for now le

Sarah said...

Ooh that does sound like fun.

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently - the naughty inner knitters are still quiet - the larger voice of gift knitting panic is subduing them I think!