Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am a list writer.

Especially when things start to feel really out of control.

The best list are ones you can cross things off of straight away.

I have had days where the list was:
Wake up
Get out of bed
make cup of tea
drink tea
Put washing in machine
turn machine on
hang washing out
bring washing in
fold/sort washing
put washing away

I'm not kidding, the more I need the thrill(?) of crossing off items, the smaller the breakdown of components.

It works!

Yesterday I wrote a list.

It is not finished yet, it is currently at 48 items and there are more floating around in my head that haven't made it onto the paper yet, mostly because I ran out of space and don't want to turn the page over.

I even managed to cross some off, a whole 8 of them.

I paid bills, called people I needed to call, paid for our beach holiday accommodation for January (10% discount for paying early!), sorted out all sorts of bank stuff (new credit card, debit card, pin numbers, internet banking).

That still leaves 40 items.

Some of them are big ticket items, none of them have been broken down into component parts. this is going to take a while....

The longest running list I ever had was finally completed after oh about 5 years or so. Hopefully this one won't take so long. In fact I know it can't. There are a fair number of time sensitive items on the list, and time waits for no woman.

Bugger, just remembered I was going to take a photo of the two different side fronts I had made for the red cardy before I frogged the dud. Obviously I forgot that part of the plan because I frogged the dud this morning at S'n'B and there are no photos. Again, bugger. Oh well the keeper has been approved by the girls and so now I can make it's mate, next challenge button holes.


Michelle said...

I'm a list writer too, and also a schedule planner. I currently have lists all over the fridge. If I didn't, I'd be the laziest person every and nothing would get done.

Bells said...

Love me a list. And last week my sister confessed to writing items on lists that are already done so she can cross them off at once at feel satisfied that she's done some of the list already. I love that. I realised I do it, too, but hadn't even really thought of it that way.