Friday, November 14, 2008

Book lists

When I attended a craft fair a few months ago (don't ask which one, I'm lucky I remember that's where this all stems from ;-), I filled in my name and address details for a book shop to send me their catalogues. I know, I know, giving out details at events leads to various types of spam of both the email and snail mail variety, but I think I have struck gold. Psssst don't tell J!!!!

So every month I get three little catalogues with short descriptions of the books and the idea is that you either send in a completed form to order them, ring them, or go online to buy the books. But I hadn't gotten around to reading the catalogues until a couple of days ago, they were on the list of 40 remaining items, make that 39 now. I have trouble finding new books to read when I'm at the bookshop or the library and now I can get a taste of some of the books out there that are crafty without having to go to 6 different shops or several libraries, and I can do it at home so no carting three young kids off for mum to stand in a bookshop aisle unmoving except for turning pages.....dead boring for the kids, very annoying for the mum who has to keep looking up to check the kids aren't pulling pages out of other books!!

So the collection of interesting books that I now know I want to have a more in depth look at are:
1/ Natural Knits for Babies & Toddlers-Tina Barrett (for me)
2/ Natural Dyeing-Jackie Crook (for me, it looks interesting tsb)
3/ 50 Science Things to Make and Do- no author listed (for the kids, maybe a niece or nephew)
4/ Free Stuff For Kids- we had one of these when we were kids, it made life interesting for a while!!!
5/ Making Wooden Toys-Geoff Rugless (My BIL might be interested in that one)
6/ 101 Things You Should Know How To Do-Michael Powell (for me, I'm always up for learning useful stuff)
7/ 365 Things to make and Do-no author (for me, more learning, kids play maybe)
8/ Clean Sweep-Give Your House More Than a Once Over-Alison Haynes (for me, I'm up for a healthier way of cleaning and organising our house-why not?)
9/ Crafting a Business-Making Money Doing What You Love-Kathie Fitzgerald (for me, I'm setting up my online shop, honestly I am)
10/ Loose Threads-Stories to Keep Quilters in Stitches- Helen Kelley (My mum needs this one, she needs more excuses to laugh!)
11/ Young at Heart Quilts- Julie Popa (for me, I have young kids, nieces and a nephew and I quilt)
12/ 150 Blocks for Baby Quilts-Susan Briscoe (for me, see above!)
13/ Jelly Roll Quilts-Pam and Nicky Lintott (for me, someone gave me a lovely fabric gift for my birthday and I haven't decided what to do with it yet)
14/ Playful Quilts for Kids-Carolyn Vosburg Hall (for me for the kids)
15/ Rolling Along-Easy Quilts from 2.5" Strips-Nancy Martin (for me to help with that birthday gift)
16/ Origami Deluxe Book & Gift Set (Origami makes my kids and nieces and nephews think and concentrate and gives them a product at the end, from a single square of paper, that they made themselves. Who could ask for more?)
17/ Going Green- Hints and Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint-Vivien Head (for me, my only hesitation is it is a printed book and that can't help with the carbon footprint....)
18/ Printing By Hand-Lena Corwin (for me)
19/ Natural Dyes-Linda Rudkin (for me, another interesting one tsb)
20/ Seductive Shoe-Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear-Jonathan Walford (Something a certain blogger might want to look at)
21/ Fashioning Kimono-Annie Van Assche (the history aspect may be appreciated by this blogger who recently declared an interest in this topic)
22/ Simple Knits for Cherished Babes-Erika Knight (for me, need to check out the designs!)
23/ Simple Knits for Little Cherubs-Erika Knight (for me, have a couple of cherubs, wouldn't hurt to look!)
24/ Christmas Stockings-18 Holiday Treasures to Knit (for me, don't normally knit objects but I could make an exception!)
25/ Show Me How-500 Things You Should Know ( for me, self improvement again!)
26/ Organic Home-The Australian Guide to Clean, Green Living-Rosamond Richardson (for me, thinking about the boys growing up healthy)
27/ Great Family Songbook- Dan Fox and Dick Weissman (for us!)
28/ Spot the Differences-100 Challenging Photo Puzzles (for me, I have a brain in there somewhere, maybe if I exercise it it will come back quicker...)

It looks like I will at least have some direction next time I visit a bookstore or go online at my library to check the catalogue for matches!

Have a great weekend!

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