Sunday, October 5, 2008

A wonderful end to a fabulous day

So last night we went out for dinner at Thai Thani in Brunswick St Fitzroy and loved it! We had the 2 person banquet and it was exactly what we needed. We are suckers for Thai food :-) The boys had a lovely time with C&D and we picked up T on the way home to our house after dinner.

The evening ended with me sitting up in bed with a lovely hot cup of tea some extra special birthday chocolate (Monsieur Truffe) and of course my knitting. The best of all worlds really, such a nice way to end my birthday. Did the cast on for the left front of the purple bubblegum jacket and did some more today on the travel to and from collecting the big boys so it is now about 1/3 done.

While everyone was away I made a surprise for the big boys, I had J reach down my overlocker so I could make up some "quilts" for the big boys beds. They have shorter than normal single beds that we got from Ikea because Z was such a climber he kept falling off the big single bed we had and hurting himself so we downsized and it was a great thing to do. The only problem is that the beds are both shorter and narrower than a usual single bed so normal doonas hang over all sides and the boys keep getting all tangled up in them. So today I cheated and used some fabric I purchased from Lincraft with a matching backing fabric and cut a cheap single bed doona/continental quilt ($12 at Ikea) in half and made two quilts from one (each one is about 100x150cm). They look great and all they need is a little bit of hand sewing to close in the ends. I have no intention at all of "quilting" these quilts, I have attached the padding in the middle to all of the sides though so there is no chance of it moving around inside like the doonas were doing, so the boys should stay nice and warm now. It makes me want to sew them some more.....

With daylight savings starting last night it is lovely having the sun hanging around for longer in the evening, can't wait to see what else I can fit in in a day!

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