Monday, October 13, 2008

Southern Summer of Socks

I'm thinking I will join the Southern Summer of Socks. I have never made a pair of socks before but figure I have used both dpn (double pointed needles for you non knitters) and circular needles before so it couldn't be too hard could it??? I'm sure these are famous last words. I have a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in the Lagoon colourway (all blues and greens, beautiful) it is sock wool so that's a start. I have until the end of April to finish them so that's another good point. Other people will fit in lots of socks in that time but I have decided not to be too ambitious, 1 pair should do it and anyway I never knit for myself so yet another good point, good excuse really to make something that's just for me. All I need now is some suggestions for a pattern, if worst comes to worst the Jitterbug comes with a pattern inside the label so that might be the fall back plan!

The navy jacket is coming along really well, have finished: the back, one side front and one sleeve and have cast on for the next sleeve. It is coming along quite quickly, love that 8 ply, it makes all the difference when you are used to knitting everything in 4 and 5 ply for babies. It feels so fabulous to knit with so puffy and soft, gorgeous.

Waiting for T to wake up so I can feed him before I head off for a swim, really looking forward to getting into that water!!!


Melinda said...

I knitted my first pair last year in Southern Summer of Socks. I'd opt for the dpns first. One pair is a good first goal - but you'll probably cast on another pair all too quickly!

Jerry said...

I also prefer the DPS. The Colinette jitterbug is really nice to work with but check your yardage on the pattern and the yarn because they are famous for being short on yardage. Thank you for the comment on the SSOF blog. The 1st picture was only the sock yarn, we have 3 Ikea book cases full of yarn. Can't wait to see your socks. Greetings from Southern California.